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VALORANT Team DeathMatch Mode: Riot Games officially confirms VALORANT TDM Mode in recent dev video

VALORANT Team DeathMatch Mode: Riot Games teases a new mode
VALORANT Team DeathMatch Mode: Riot Games teases a new mode

Team Deathmatch will be added to Valorant in 2023, along with other new modes, according to Riot Games’ Dev Diaries. Through a video message, the game’s creators provided information about the direction they want to take the game and the features they intend to make. Anna Donlon, the executive producer, and Andy Ho, the game director, acknowledged the tactical shooter’s evolution in the video message and shared exciting details about what players of Valorant might anticipate from the game in 2023. VALORANT Team DeathMatch Mode

Along with its in-client path to pro mode, Premier, Valorant will see the addition of new modes, according to the game’s game director, Andy Ho, in the video. In addition, Ho promised, “additional modes will be added to provide you more opportunities to enjoy Valorant, such as Swift Play and another new mode that we aim to introduce later this year.” VALORANT TDM Mode 

Donlon hinted that Valorant would have its own spin on the traditional first-person shooter game mode, but Ho stayed mum on the specifics. Every Agent in Valorant has a unique ability that can affect the mode, making it different from other classic FPS games in terms of gameplay. Riot has not yet said if it would eliminate these gameplay components for this mode or how it will manage weapon selection.

That’s not all, though. In fact, Riot does intend to eventually release VALORANT on consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, according to job advertisements from just this past November. Additionally, earlier releases contained data that alluded to a future console release. VALORANT Team DeathMatch Mode VALORANT TDM Mode 

Since those listings and leaks, Riot and Microsoft have collaborated to offer a variety of new advantages across all of Riot’s top games, including VALORANT. Members of the Game Pass have access to all champions and agents in VALORANT and League of Legends, as well as XP increases and other benefits.

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