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VALORANT Reportedly Coming to Mobile Devices, Will it Launch This Summer?


This year has been one of the biggest things for all the mobile players. With the launch of various mobile versions, this summer may witness yet another mobile shooter game. According to the leaks Riot’s Tactical shooting game, VALORANT is also joining this list.

In the last few months, there have been multiple leaks that suggest that a number of AAA titles are set to release on mobile devices this summer. Recently Apex Legends started the regional beta testing, taking place in India and Singapore. PUBG: New State a brand new and improved version of PUBG Mobile is also set to be released in 2021. The most hyped title is VALORANT which might be ready to release this year.

When will VALORANT Mobile be released?

According to mobile data miner, PlayerIGN shared the info on their Twitter handle where it stated that VALORANT Mobile might be joining the line of the titles to be released this summer. He also stated that the mobile version of the famous tactical shooter game is currently in the development process. This title might be announced this summer or as part of E3 2021. According to data miners, who found few codes of the VALORANT Mobile version, this version will work on both mobile and console versions both. The game is currently available on PC.


VALORANT was built for the weaker hardware, this is what fans always expect from the developers. Most of the time, average gamers (PC + Mobile) don’t have high-end PC or Mobile with good specs. After watching the specs requirements of VALORANT, it is speculated that Riot games are already working on the game optimization. It should make it able to run smoothly on mobile devices with lower specs. Riot games who released the VALORANT last year also introduced a mobile version of the League of Legends. They are planning to do the same with the famous tactical shooter title.

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