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Valorant Releases Agent “Fade” Cinematic Trailer during VCT Masters Grand Final

Valorant Releases Agent Fade Cinematic Trailer during VCT Masters

Before the start of the 2022 VCT Masters Reykjavk Grand Final today, VALORANT gamers finally got to see the upcoming initiator, Fade, in action in a cinematic trailer. Fade, VALORANT’s next initiator, has been anticipated for weeks. The Shooting Range now has a new cell, and a new audio message explains how multiple agents battled to capture the lethal agent. Fade will be making her debut in the game with the Episode 4 Act 3 update, which will go live on April 27, 2022. Agent Fade Cinematic Trailer

The brand new agent, dubbed “Fade,” is Turkish and has been teased for a long time. She was revealed in a cinematic trailer, and we already know that a gameplay peek will be released following the event later today. Her agent function is initiator, thus you may expect her to be on the front lines, confronting opponent defence lines. Below is a trailer for the film. Agent Fade Cinematic Trailer

Fans get their first official glimpse at some of Fade’s powers, which appear to envelop players in a murky gas-like substance. This is most likely the same impact as walking into Brimstone’s office in the Shooting Range. In addition, Fade summons a shadow-like entity that flies toward the other agents. This ability will most likely work in the same way as Skye’s dog, debuffing players when they are hit.

The main focus of this new cinematic video is on highlighting the anxieties of other agents. Neon’s biggest strength, for example, is her speed and agility. Fade, on the other hand, indicates that she is afraid of being slowed down. Sova is famed for his hunting vision, but the new agent emphasises his dread of losing it. Cypher, a spy, is terrified of being caught on video, and the film depicts this fear. Fade will be making her debut in the game with the Episode 4 Act 3 update, which will go live on April 27, 2022.

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