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Valorant Pro SicK threatens Twitch with lawsuit and eyes Kick as an alternative

Valorant Pro SicK threatens Twitch with lawsuit and eyes Kick as alternative
Valorant Pro SicK threatens Twitch with lawsuit and eyes Kick as alternative

Valorant Pro SicK threatens Twitch with a lawsuit and eyes Kick as an alternative: Hunter “SicK” Mims, an Inactive member of Sentinelts, has been banned from Twitch once again. The reasons for the ban are unclear to him. SicK received a two-week suspension but plans to continue streaming on Kick. He expressed frustration on Twitter and threatened legal action against Twitch. Earlier this month, he was suspended for problematic chat statements. Despite the ban, SicK remains determined to keep streaming and is ready to take on the company legally.

“Will sue Twitch”, Valorant Pro SicK threatens Twitch with a lawsuit

In a tweet, SicK revealed a two-week ban but asserted his determination to continue streaming. He even threatened to sue Twitch, a bold decision that has sparked interest in the industry. Additionally, SicK promptly transitioned his streaming activities to Kick, expressing his discontent with Twitch’s actions. His actions and statements have raised eyebrows and garnered attention.

A few weeks ago, He was arrested again for Class B Criminal Trespassing. Additionally, This news came just two months after his first arrest. Journalist George Geddes confirmed the news on May 8, 2023. SicK started to stream earlier this month, but some of his followers have noticed a change in his behavior. They observed that he seemed erratic and was slurring his speech, leading some to assume he was under the influence of substances. During a live stream, viewers also noticed he was behaving differently with his chat and didn’t seem like himself.

SicK recent Twitter activity concerns fans

Following his release from jail, SicK has gone on a Twitter spree, claiming that the FBI is pursuing him. He has been actively directing tweets at President Joe Biden.

Fans are unsure whether SicK is trolling or genuinely considering a presidential run in 2034, but their primary concern lies with his well-being. SicK has mentioned the possibility of seeking help, but no updates have been provided yet. The ongoing “SicK threatens Twitch” saga awaits further developments, while fans can keep track of it on his new Kick channel containing 1700 followers.

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