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VALORANT Player Card: How to claim the “Up in Arms” Player Card?

VALORANT Player Card: How to claim the "Up in Arms" Player Card

VALORANT Player Card: How to claim the “Up in Arms” Player Card? Riot Games’ VALORANT has become one of the most popular FPS games out there. The game has been a huge hit since its release. With many notable streamers and esports athletes playing the game, its competitive esports scene is also becoming massive as time passes.

One of the key things that make it stand out from other shooting games is that it features fantasy-based abilities on its agents, along with tactical gunplay. The addition of in-game cosmetics also makes it more appealing and enticing for players to grind the game out.

We often see Riot Games giving out free accessories and cosmetics to VALORANT players. Although these items are not as exclusive and interesting as weapon skins, they still have a high appeal among the audience.

In its recent tweet, VALORANT has announced that it will provide the “Up in Arms” player card to those who connect their in-game account to their Prime Gaming one. Player cards help to customize the player’s profile, featuring different art lines, which may or not be a part of the bundle.

How to get an “Up in Arms” Player Card in VALORANT

The community can now clinch another exclusive player card by linking their Prime Gaming account to their Riot Games account if they are subscribed to Amazon Prime.

Since the service isn’t available in many countries, the reward will be restricted to only the countries where Prime Gaming is available. After completing this step, players can easily redeem the card from their inventory. Moreover, this card will only be available until September 15, hence gamers only have a month to claim it.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • They need to open the Prime Gaming page and log in using their Amazon Prime credentials.
  • After you log in, players can have access to the Loot tab. There they need to select VALORANT.
  • On the tab, players can then select the “Up in Arms” card. They will get a prompt next that will ask them to log into their Riot Games account.
  • After entering the Riot Games details and getting successfully logged in, the Prime Gaming and Riot Games accounts will be connected.
  • The “Up in Arms” player card will be added to the player’s in-game inventory. They can use it after logging into VALORANT.

Stay tuned for more such as the latest news and updates from VALORANT.

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