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Valorant Patch Notes 3.08 is Finally here Some Important Features and Updates added to Game

Valorant Patch Notes 3.08 is Finally here Some Important Features and Updates added to Game
Valorant Patch Notes 3.08 is Finally here Some Important Features and Updates added to Game

Valorant Patch notes 3.08 is finally here, Some minor flaws in agents have been corrected, Report Feedback has been tightened, and the overlay bug that has been affecting Ghost weapons in particular for the past few weeks has been fixed with the Valorant 3.08 Patch. Because of the error, just the front of the weapon was coated, while the remainder appeared to be untreated. The article continues with more patch notes:

Valorant Patch Notes 3.08: SOCIAL UPDATES

Report Feedback Intensified

  • Your reports are important to us and we want you to know that. If we have done anything in the light of your reports, you will be aware of it whether you are online or offline.
  • You will get a notification if your client is open and running. Even if you are offline when the notification arrives, don’t worry! Your notifications will reach you when you return to the game.
    • Thank you for making VALORANT a safer place through your reports. Just keep going like this!


Level Frame Customization

  • You will be able to equip any of the account level frameworks you have unlocked
    • Added a new tab for player card selection.

Hiding Account Level

  • It is now possible to hide your account level when entering a match with players who are not your friends.
    • Uncheck the box on the Level Frame tab to enable this feature.


Equipable Plating Levels

  • You will be able to equip any skin level you want, except for styles that always default to maximum skin level.


  • Reduced instances where the UI becomes unresponsive.
    • We have also reduced the performance cost by reducing the amount of updating the UI itself.
  • Improved the first-person view of the Viper’s Venom Cloud in the UI.
  • Improved the first-person view of the Viper’s Lair in the UI.
  • Improved calculations for weapons and abilities to pass through surfaces.
    • Caught, we actually added this to the game in Patch 3.07.

Esports Features with Valorant Patch Notes 3.08

  • Coaches can now switch players using assigned keys.
    • Assigned keys will be displayed with keys 1 to 5 just above the interface.
  • Coaches will now be able to understand who they’re watching thanks to the visual picture-in-picture (PIP) phrase in the top player interface.
  • Coaches now have the option to see the player’s assigned keys on the minimap, just like spectators.
  • Valves in Viper’s hand will now appear in the correct places in Left-Handed Mode.
  • Weapon skins will now display correctly in-game.
    • You may have seen quirks in skins over the past weeks. This was an issue that could be seen due to the longer loading time when playing with slow internet speed.
  • Attackers in Lobby A in Split could hear gunshots coming from Ramp A during the pre-purchase phase. This was not intentional and has been corrected.
  • Viper’s ultimate no longer appears incorrectly when placed on top of cargo boxes in Zone B in the Icebox.
  • You may have seen a blindingly bright orb come out when you regularly shoot at some walls. This was due to an infinite accumulation of luminosity and this issue has now been resolved.
  • Observers can now correctly see the outline of players from behind barriers.
  • Fixed the stuttering issue that could occur when the Barrier Orb was broken.
  • Fixed stuttering issues when using certain inputs.

Game System

  • Fixed a bug where Signaling (Z) while destroying Spike would cause Spike to stop destroying it.


  • We are enemies of mistakes, patients of solutions.

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