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VALORANT Patch 5.07 Notes brings many new changes, CHECK OUT DETAILS

VALORANT Patch 5.07 Notes brings many new changes, CHECK OUT DETAILS

VALORANT Patch 5.07 Notes brings many new changes, CHECK OUT DETAILS – We receive the first VALORANT patch after the conclusion of VCT 2022. And this one brings in a lot of changes to the game. One of the key highlights this time is remodeling the iconic map, Fracture. Let us dive into the details of Patch 5.07.

VALORANT Patch 5.07 Notes

agent changes
  • KAY/O: Devs want to make this agent’s Q skill (Flash Drive) more versatile. The power of this skill’s underhand has been nerfed while the overhand has been buffed along with minor adjustments.
  • Reyna: The effects of her Leer skill have been adjusted. The skill will now have a lower value when used for teammates.
  • Skye: Her E skill (Guiding Light) flashbang will be more teamwork centric now, as opposed to regular flashbangs from duelists. Its scaling has been changed.
  • Yoru: His Q skill (Blindside) duration has been increased, along with various visual updates being done for this agent.

map update – fracture

The map fracture has been remodeled by the developers and the changes range from minor to major in some places. Here are some key changes listed:

  • Arcade – A cubby has been added here. It will make it easier for the Attacking side to hold against Defenders from both directions.
  • B Site – Jump section up has been changed to a ramp directly on the site platform.
  • B Generator – Space at this place has been tightened by removing a small corner to make smoking this spot easier.
  • Defender Spawn – Devs have removed a small cubby to simplify those retakes.
  • A Halls – Improved movement and simplified the space in A Halls by removing a corner.
  • A Site – Slightly modified the changes in its surrounding areas.
  • A Dish – The far path near the A Dish has been removed. It might encourage teams to use this way more often.
  • A Drop – The drop-down at this place is no longer a 50/50 check when entering. Attackers will be able to squeeze into A site from two sides.
  • A Rope – This path has been slightly modified to make it easier for Defenders to both the initial hold and retake the A site.
VALORANT Patch 5.07 Notes brings many new changes, CHECK OUT DETAILS

VALORANT Patch 5.07 Notes brings many new changes, CHECK OUT DETAILS

new additions

Various features have been added to VALORANT to make it easier for players to manage their in-game items.

  • Players can now mark Favorites in Collection: The choice will persist until the players change it. It can be applied on Weapon skins, Player Cards, Sprays, Gun Bundles, and Account Level Borders.
  • Random Favorite ability has been added: This can be equipped for every weapon type. In each game played by users, they get one of their favorite weapons (along with one of the variants they own) at random each time they enter a match.
  • Players can now filter their Collection according to various parameters

There are also various bug fixes that have been introduced by the developers. To read the full in-depth patch notes, you can check out the official VALORANT announcement here.

Stay tuned to get more such latest updates from VALORANT and its esports scene.

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