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Valorant Patch 5.06 Updates Brings Chronovoid Skins Collections and Bug Fixes

Chronovoid skin collection Valorant Patch 5.06 Updates Brings Chronovoid Skins Collections and Bug Fixes
Chronovoid skin collection Valorant Patch 5.06 Updates Brings Chronovoid Skins Collections and Bug Fixes

The most recent update to Valorant, which promises some changes to the Pearl map as well as some weapon updates and bug fixes, has been provided by Riot Games in the form of patch notes. A number of minor adjustments are being made to Pearl in Patch 5.06, which was first unveiled this summer. The areas of the undersea map have been simplified, making it simpler for both attackers and defenders to traverse through. Valorant Patch 5.06 Updates Chronovoid skin collection

Weapon update:

cover art for valorant patch 5.06

With this most recent update, Pearl isn’t the only thing altering. The Stinger has undergone various revisions and now features new primary and alternative fire changes. The gun’s primary fire error has been changed from 1.6 error after 7 shots to 1.3 error after 6 bullets. Even in close quarters, the Stinger can sometimes feel out of control, despite Riot Games’ stated intention for it to be “controllable and sufficiently lethal at short ranges.” The top spread will be reduced, which should make the Stinger seem more dependable.

chronovoid skin collection
A sense of magic permeates the modern signs of ChronoVoid skin collection. On September 21, the day following the release of Valorant’s 5.06 patch, the bundle will be accessible. Players will have to pay 8700 VP in total for this bundle. The melee skin would cost 4350 VP, and each weapon skin would cost 2175 VP if players wanted to purchase them separately. The bundle’s Card, Spray, and Buddy will each cost 475 VP.
Other than that, Pearl is undergoing a minor makeover. The B main, Mid Shops, Mid Plaza, Mid Top, B Link, A main, and site on the map will all change. Given that it is still the least popular map in Champions 2022, the change might make it more playable.
resolved bugs in patch 5.06 patch
  • Fixed issue where KAY/Zero/point O’s occasionally displayed adversaries who were hit inaccurately on KAY/UI. O’s
  • Clutch Mutes would continue to exist due to a problem that was fixed
  • a bug that prohibited you from replying to a whisper sent by another player in Chat by clicking on their Riot ID has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue whereby right-clicking in the Friend Note text field would cause the Social Panel to close.
  • Fixed an issue where invitations that were still pending after all friends had left the party would persist.
  • Fixed an issue whereby accepting a buddy invitation through the game’s Match Tab might send the erroneous system message.

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