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Valorant Patch 4.09 Brings Major Nerf in Agent Chamber, Jett Tailwind Fixed

Valorant Patch 4.09 Brings Major Nerf in Agent Chamber, Jett Tailwind

Valorant Patch 4.09 Brings Major Nerf in Agent Chamber, Jett Tailwind Fixed: The Valorant Public Beta Environment (PBE) servers have received a new update, version 4.09, which includes significant changes that may cause alarm some Chamber players. It will be the first patch of the new Act and since the release of Fade, many players are wondering if any agents are getting buffed or nerfed to counter-act her abilities. The French Sentinel fans aren’t very happy about the Valorant 4.09 PBE update, as it has introduced some heavy nerfs to the Agent. His Trademark Charges have been decreased, but the price has been raised slightly. The loudness of Trademark’s audio has also been enhanced, so enemies will be able to hear it more easily and won’t be as surprised.

Detailed patch notes 4.09:

Chamber’s Trademark currently beats other Sentinel tools in terms of both dependability and power, which seems out of place given the number of defensive fighting tools scattered throughout the rest of his kit. Chamber’s character is established by his unique weapons and defensive battle mobility, therefore we’d like to see how lowering his global flank protection/information and increasing counterplay on a single premium trap affects his identity. This means Chamber will have to decide if he wants to play selfishly with his Trademark or use it to benefit his teammates instead.
•Trademark Charges reduced 2>>>1
•Trademark Cost increased 150>>>200
•Increased Trademark’s audio volume

Patch 4.09 provided abilities to Mute Teammate during Intense Clutch situations:

Valorant Patch 4.09 are testing the ability to mute our teammates so we can focus during clutch moments.
•Go to Settings (Esc) > Controls > Communication
•Set keybinds for Party and Team Voice Clutch Mute Keys
•Press the keybind while in-game to Toggle “ON” the Party and/or Team Voice Clutch Mute and then again to Toggle “OFF”

Bugs Fixed:
Firstly Fixed an issue where Chamber’s Trademark was sometimes silent or quieter than intended. Secondly, they, Fixed a bug where Jett’s Tailwind would sometimes fail to cast when used immediately after curving a Cloudburst smoke, and last they Fixed a bug where Jett’s ultimate indicator would sometimes stay active after firing all kunai (you know, her daggers).

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