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Valorant Patch 4.03 Update Brings Major Improvement in Brimstone and Deathmatch Mode

Valorant Patch 4.03 Update Brings Major Improvement in Brimstone

Despite Riot Games kicking off Valorant Episode 4 with a bang, subsequent patches have been relatively thin and entirely focused on gameplay. Patch 4.03 follows a similar pattern, focusing on improving several aspects of the Deathmatch mode as well as giving American Controller, Brimstone, a few QoL buffs to his iconic ultimate. Valorant patch 4.03 has arrived, bringing with it a slew of changes to Brimstone’s ult, spawn location, and timers in Deathmatch, as well as some new weapon features. So, here’s a rundown of everything new in Valorant Patch 4.03.

Brimstone Changes

Brim did not receive a massive buff, but he did receive an update, which he should have received from the start.

  • Brimstone’s ultimate now properly blocks gameplay visibility while active
  • You can no longer see enemies through minimap or detect players through utility

Deathmatch Mode Changes

VALORANT players can look forward to significant updates to Deathmatch, which will make it a more viable option for warming up. “Dangerous” spawn points have been removed or relocated, and spawn logic and placement have been optimized to “favor respawn locations.”

  • Improved Spawn points(which means removing some unwinnable spawn locations)
  • Improved Spawn logic and placement
  • Respawn Time Reduced: 3s >>> 1.5s

The AFK detection has been improved to help prevent players from “farming XP by exploiting game modes.” Fans can also look forward to a global invalidation performance update, which will give CPU-bound players a 15% boost in baseline performance. The developers believe that this change will benefit a large number of players, but individual results “may vary.”

When auto-equipping a weapon, players can now “return to their strongest weapon by pressing the ‘Equip Last Used Item’ key.” Players can enable this option in the Equipment settings. This change was made in Patch 4.02, but it was not mentioned in the patch notes.

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