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VALORANT Patch 1.12: Full notes and updates


Riot Games had launched a new FPS game, VALORANT which is trending worldwide. The developers always listen to the community response on the game and bugs where they are trying to provide the best FPS game experience in VALORANT. For this, they bring regular updates time by time and releases the patches to fix the bugs and glitches.

Recently, Riot has released new patch 1.11 for Valorant players which comes with the bug fixes and some social updates. Bugs are the real enemy of video games where some times opponents use that bug as an advantage and some of the bugs lead to frustration for each team.

Developers have planned the next patch 1.12 where they will be giving a light touch in-game. The current patch update comes with social panel changes with some bug fixes. They also mentioned that Act Rank Badges which display in the match will continue to be suspended until they figured out the solution about its problem. According to reports, the next patch will come around December 8.

Let’s take a look into the Updates

Competitive Updates

In-Game Act Rank Badget will be disabled until developers find the issue which causing performance in-game. You can still see your Act Rank Badge in map load in and competitive lobbies.

Game System
  • During tournament matches, Observers will no longer hear ping audio.
  • There is an improvement in the visibility of observers in lit areas.
  • In a tournament setting, Game state modification is implanted where you can adjust things of the game as like player stats, money, etc.
  • Developers planned to bring custom team Colors in future.
Social Updates
  • With this update, Observers will be appearing “in-game” in the social panel.
  • Observers can now chat and view the all chat in custom matches.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug of VAL- 52 error which was a result of leaving/disconnecting from a custom game, during player rejoin it shows the game to be remade.
  • Fixed an end-of-game screen bug which caused only in Icebox match and display timeline markers and Haven’s Map instead of Icebox map.
  • Fixed issue where players use some abilities to target mid-air weapons.
  • Fixed mirroring issue with the recoil of animation in using left-handed mode.
  • Fixed issue on minimap about inconsistent team colouring pings.
  • Fixed a rare issue where during swapping between players the camera of Observer got frozen.

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