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Valorant on Xbox Game pass Will have Unlocked Agents: What About Rewarded Items on Subscription End

Valorant on Xbox Game pass Will have Unlocked Agents

Riot Games partnering with Xbox to bring all of their games on the service in the near future was one of the most surprising statements made during the Xbox and Bethesda expo. Riot’s games are already free to play, but Game Pass subscribers will get access to exclusive champions, agents, and cards right away. Valorant on Xbox Game pass

Marc Merrill, a co-founder of Riot Games, announced that his company would join with Xbox Game Pass this year, providing customers with hundreds of dollars worth of content: Game Pass Ultimate will include all League of Legends Champions, Valorous Agents, and Wild Rift Champions. Players of Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra will also receive perks. Valorant on Xbox Game pass

If we talk about one of the world’s most favourite games then League of Legends will definitely grab a top spot, and Riot’s competitive shooter Valorant is also very popular. Both games provide players with various characters to battle with and are continually adding new ones. Wild Rift, League of Legends’ mobile version, works in a similar way. Normally, gamers must either use an in-game currency that takes a long time to gain or real-world money to purchase these heroes. The fact that these characters are now available to all Game Pass users eliminates a significant barrier to entry for Riot fans.

What will happen to Your Items unlocked through Gameplay in Valorant when your Subscription ends?

All content gained in these accounts with Game Pass, such as skins, will stay when the subscription ends, according to Joe Hixson, Riot Games’ director of corporate communications. However, extra content won through Game Pass will be removed from players’ accounts. This makes Game Pass’s $10-per-month subscription extremely beneficial for players of these titles, as these unlocks can take months to get.

Gamers with Game Pass in League of Legends and League of Legends: Wild Rift will have all champions unlocked from the start, while VALORANT players will have all agents unlocked. Select Little Legends will be given away for free to Teamfight Tactics players, while the Foundations set will be given away for free to Legends of Runeterra players.

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    Tencent Buys $264 Million Worth of Stake in Flipkart From the Co-Founder of the Company

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