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Valorant Night Markets: Here is Chance to Grab Premium Skins at Heavily Discounted Price

Valorant Night Markets: Here is Chance to Redeem Premium Skins at Heavily Discounted Price

Valorant introduced the Valorant Night Markets to the community in their v1.14 patch, with the intention of giving the players access to discounted weaponry. In essence, the Valorant Night Market is a pop-up store selling all things related to Valorant skins. Every month, the shop pops out of nowhere, causing an online commotion among devoted followers. Once live, players can purchase discounted random cosmetics from certain collections, such as knife and pistol skins.

How to Get Skins from Valorat Night Markets:

When the Night Market is open for business, a prompt letting you know it’s there will appear on the main menu’s left side. You’ll be directed to the shop after clicking that, where you may click on each card to see your monthly skins. Returning to the Night Shop after choosing not to purchase something right away can be challenging because the prompt frequently vanishes. Instead, you can click the card that resembles a tarot deck next to the store button at the top right of your screen.Valorant Night Markets

Players will have a total of 13 days after the Night Market opens to buy up to six weapon cosmetics at a discount. The same as the in-game store, this event’s skins have the same refund policy.


The Night Market offers weapon cosmetics from the Select, Deluxe, and Premium edition skin tiers at a discount, but not from the Exclusive and Ultra tiers.  The most recent skins to join the Night Market skin pool will be from the Vengeance skin lines. Players can anticipate that the event will include a wonderful selection of weapon skins that are both attractive and affordably priced.

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