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Valorant Night Market Date Revealed: Grab Premium Skins at Discounted Price

Valorant Night Markets: Grab Premium Skins at a Heavily Discounted Price
Valorant Night Markets: Grab Premium Skins at a Heavily Discounted Price

Valorant Night Market is a limited-time event in the game Valorant where players can purchase exclusive weapon skins, gun buddies, and other cosmetic items at a discounted price. The event is usually held for a week, and during this time, players can access the Night Market section in the game’s store to see which items are available for purchase. Fortunately, this act VALORANT night market is just around the corner.

When is the next VALORANT Night Market?

The Night Market event in Valorant is set to return for Episode 6 Act 2 on April 5, 2023, and will be available until April 25, 2023. The 15th iteration of the Night Market will be launched on April 6, 2023, at midnight BST. This limited-time event offers players exclusive cosmetic items at a discounted price, which is randomly selected for each player.

This time instead of getting only 14 days, you get 20 days until the 25th of April. This means you can get your hands on the discounted skin collection.

Can you choose your Skin Bundles?

Valorant players do not have the ability to choose the skins that will appear in their Night Market selection. While some players have made special requests to Riot, the selection of skins is primarily determined by random chance. The Night Market is a limited-time event. Players can purchase exclusive cosmetic items at a discounted price. The items offered are personalized for each player and are subject to change with each iteration of the event.

The Night Market offers weapon cosmetics from the Select, Deluxe, and Premium edition skin tiers at a discount. It does offer the Exclusive and Ultra tiers. Players can anticipate that the event will include a wonderful selection of weapon skins. It will be both attractive and affordably priced.

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