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Valorant Games Designers are Considering more Balance Changes in Agent Chamber after VCT Copenhagen

Valorant Games Designers are Considering more Balance Changes in Agent Chamber after VCT Copenhagen

Agent Chamber has a pick rate of 80% in Masters Copenhagen, making him a wildly popular choice in the Valoroant Champions Tour 2022. He is unquestionably the meta leader, therefore Riot Games is working on balancing him. At the Valorous Champions Tour Masters tournament, French Sentinel Chamber was one of the most well-liked Agents, and Riot is now finally changing him.

Although Riot Games is well aware of how popular as Agent Chamber is and how much he is obscuring other characters, it does not have any plans to nerf him entirely. He should still be a good and viable option with some adjustments and upgrades, but not one that is well-known for how powerful they are.

With a pick rate of 80 per cent at Masters Copenhagen (much above Raze, who came in second with 51.43 per cent) and a stream of gamers persistently pleading with Riot to nerf the snarky marksman, it appears as though our prayers may have been granted: The chamber will undergo alterations.

Designer of the Valorant game Penguin was prompt in his response to gamers’ worries when they turned to Reddit to discuss the Chamber problem. He wrote “I won’t balance with a hammer right before [VCT] Champions (or hopefully at all),” they reveal “I’ll be shipping more balance changes in general over the coming months but these are a lot of the obvious changes that likely should have shipped alongside the trap change in 4.09.”

The number of Trademark charges has been cut from two to only one, and the cost has gone up from 150 to 200 credits, according to his most recent patch notes 4.09. Additionally, the ability’s auditory range has been expanded, making it simpler to hear and destroy. Thanks to the widespread impact of his Trademark traps, his punishing slow field and quick Rendezvous teleporters, and the lethal potency of his Headhunter pistol and Tour De Force ultimate, the dapper French agent has emerged as one of the game’s most dependable sentinels.

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