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Valorant Fixed a major issue with Valorant Premier South Asia Open Beta in week 1

Valorant Fixed major issue with Valorant Premier South Asia Open Beta
Valorant Fixed major issue with Valorant Premier South Asia Open Beta

Valorant Fixed a major issue with Valorant Premier South Asia Open Beta: The Valorant Premier tournament began on April 29th with many players participating. However, some teams were dissatisfied with an issue regarding the weekly match reset in the South Asia Premier Zone. Due to this, a few teams played an additional two matches in the first week. Riot Games’ South Asia Division has addressed the issue in a recent update and fixed the problem.

Valorant South Asia in his official tweet mentioned that “We’ve fixed an issue where teams in one of our Premier Zones were able to play up to 4 matches in week 1. Resets should now happen correctly for all regions, every Tuesday for the rest of Open Beta.”

Unfortunately, They won’t be able to correct the leaderboard and adjust the points for teams that played any extra matches. Furthermore, they also don’t want to take away hard-earned points because of a bug. The Premier Score to qualify for the Playoff Tournament is still 375 points. Hence all the fixes and changes will be available from next week onwards.

Fans are not happy with the extra Advantage for a few players

One fan expressed dissatisfaction over the unfair advantage given to some teams by allowing them to play two extra matches in the Valorant Premier tournament. He suggested that canceling the matches played on Monday was the easiest solution to the problem and could rectify the disadvantage faced by teams that followed the rules.

The Valorant gaming experience for players in India and South Asia regions is still being plagued by technical glitches. For the past two months, the UPI payment system has been malfunctioning and there seems to be no improvement in sight.

As a result, frustrated fans are taking to social media platforms, particularly Twitter, to voice their concerns and raise awareness about the issue. Riot Games should take prompt action to resolve these technical glitches and provide a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience for their players.

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