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VALORANT Episode 3 Act 1 Reflection has finally been revealed

VALORANT Episode 3 Act 1 Reflection has finally been revealed
VALORANT Episode 3 Act 1 Reflection has finally been revealed

Riot Games have finally revealed Valorant Episode 3, Act 1 also known as ‘Reflection’. The battle pass will be changed with this update. Valorant Episode 3, Act 1 ‘Reflection’ will be Published on 22nd June. Valorants’s battle pass concludes to ‘Reflection’ as Reminiscing old Lang syene. Riot Games has planned to celebrate the game’s one-year anniversary. Moving on the Battle pass is going to cost the player about 1,000 which is nearly around $10. Battle pass as usual will offer a set of cosmetic items inclusive of weapons skins, cards, sprays, and titles.

This Act 1 pass will also include Radiante points. And as usual, Players will get access to the Free version of the Battle pass and will be able to claim the free rewards. With the players asking for dark-lore-based skins and K/TAC skins. Developers have decided to add three weapons in this Act 1 Episode 3 Battle pass that is ‘Thematics’ Jigsaw, Skins, glossy Monarch skins. The developers have also decided to add K/TAC skins in this battle pass that will have the word ‘Kingdom’ inscribed on them.

We are also going to get a new agent that is KAY/O agent(initiator). “The jigsaw skins take clues from key art made for Killijoy, Skye, Yoru, and Astra,” said Art Lead, Sean Marino.

Riot Games has confirmed that the new Battle pass content is mostly ‘Metagame-themed’. “Max Money”, “Clutch or kick”, sprays and Force, Save player cards will be included in the Pass. The developers have also included cosmetics like Salmon Nigiri, Caught, Rubber Ducky Gun buddies, and Surprised Penguin Spray. In total, the Battle pass will have 13 weapon skins, 12 player cards, 16 spray cards, and 9 gun buddies. For the first-ever time, Valorant Battle pass mechanics are having Squad boosts. The Player playing in the same team will earn more XP.

Squad boost points:

  • Party of 1: 0% Bonus XP
  • Party of 2: 8% Bonus XP
  • Party of 3: 12% Bonus XP
  • Party of 4: 16% Bonus XP
  • Party of 5: 20% Bonus XP

Let’s talk about the new controversial  Kay/O Agent. So as we all know the new episode will introduce Valorant’s New agent. The developers have been accused of copying Fortnite’s foundation skin for their new agent. The agent’s getup closely resembles Fortnite’s skin. It has been proven wrong in the Gaming sphere. Nevertheless, The New agent is an Initiator with throwable abilities that are ZERO/point, FRAG/ment, and FLASH/drive.

The new map is an army base kind of map which is situated on the top of the mountain. This map is having two consecutive themes that are the right side is more like a desert type while the left side is having greenery.  That being said we cannot ignore the blue light beam kind of thing that’s in the middle of the map. Believing that it may be a crashed Meteorite or some kind of power source. This same object is also seen in the Episode Three Reflection Cover art. Not much about the map has been known about the map yet.

All things considered, this battle pass is to be expected to stick with us till August 2021.

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