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Valorant Developers Accidently Leaked Upcoming Skin Bundle -“Daedalus” in Deleted Post

Valorant Developers Accidently Leaked Upcoming Daedalus Skin Bundle

It appears that Riot accidentally revealed a future skin bundle in a tweet that has since been deleted from the official Valorant account. The new skin bundle, called Daedalus, appears to be a replication of the Asgard collection that was datamined during the game’s beta, as demonstrated by reliable leaker ValorLeaks, who screenshotted the tweet. The Asgard skins, also known as Drips, were never made available for purchase by users, but based on the deleted tweet, it appears that they will shortly. Daedalus Skin Bundle 

The term “Daedalus” was written in pictures that Riot Games unintentionally posted on its Twitter page. After the leaks stated earlier this year, this is the first official confirmation that we have gotten. After being posted, the Tweet was deleted, but you can still see the image it was attached to below. As was mentioned above, XTR was in charge of the initial distribution of the Daedalus skin. Here is a picture of it for your viewing pleasure. Daedalus Skin Bundle

The new bundle will only be available according to the rules of the in-game store when the old collection has been removed. Players can anticipate finally being able to purchase this eagerly anticipated concept skin.

Early rumours about the skin line mentioned that the skin will be Battle Pass-only. However, as time goes on, leakers are beginning to believe that the Daedalus may very well be made available as a Premium or Exclusive edition skin.

Riot Games has not made any formal statements regarding this skin. According to the post, the makers merely provided the skin’s name and a brief history. However, players anticipate it to be a collection at the Premium or Exclusive Edition levels. This means that if it is an Exclusive Edition skin line, it will likely cost 8700 VP instead of 7100 VP if it is a Premium bundle.

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