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Valorant Champions 2022 pack raised over $16 million for teams, CHECK DETAILS

Valorant Champions 2022 pack raised over $16 million for teams

Valorant Champions 2022 pack raised over $16 million for teams – Valorant Champions 2022 is currently going on in Istanbul. Like the previous Champions Tour, Riot Games introduced the limited-time Champions 2022 pack, which includes Phantom, Butterfly Knife, Trophy Card, Buddy, and Spray.

Amazingly, 50% of the net proceeds from the Champion Pack go directly to the participating teams, with the items never returning to the shops or night market. Additionally, their limited-time availability and special in-game visual effects make them particularly unique and visually appealing.

The Champions skin pack went on sale on August 23rd and has so far raised $16 million for teams in the tournament. Teams that have qualified for the event will earn half of the total revenue from the skin pack sold in the Valorant game client.

Valorant Champions 2022 pack raised over $16 million for teams

Since the teams made $16 million, that means Riot sold about $32 million in skins from this pack alone. The organizations divide the money earned from qualifying for the event themselves, so each player from each team can get a different share, or none at all, depending on the previous agreement.

If you haven’t bought the pack yet, you might be missing out on one of the best in-game Packs in Valorant. You also help teams directly by contributing to prize distribution, which can be seen as a token of appreciation from the wider Valorant community. Here is the total pricing of the Collections Pack:

  1. Collection Bundle: 6167 VP
  2. Phantom: 2675 VP
  3. Butterfly Knife: 5350 VP
  4. Card: 375 VP
  5. Buddy: 475 VP
  6. Spray: 375VP

The Champions Pack is still available until September 21st, so the prize pool for teams could increase even further.

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