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VALORANT Champions 2022 Day 5 Results: Two teams got eliminated from the tournament today

VALORANT Champions 2022 Day 5 Results: Two teams got eliminated from the tournament today

VALORANT Champions 2022 Day 5 Results: Two teams got eliminated from the tournament today- Day 5 of the VALORANT Champions 2022 tournament brought the elimination matches. Out of the four teams that had matches today, only the two winning teams could stay alive and move further into the event. The other two losers had to be eliminated. Let us take a look at these matchups.

VALORANT Champions Day 5 Results

Elimination Matches


Both these teams gave their best performances to stay alive in the ongoing Champions tour. BOOM secured the first map of the series after an intense match.

The intensity was the same on the next map. The only difference was that ZETA was the one that came out on top this time and leveled the series. ZETA carried on this form in the last map and dominated BOOM to secure a 2-1 victory.


Liquid began the series on a strong note as they secured the first map of the series to gain a 1-0 lead. EDG (or EDward Gaming) looked completely helpless against Liquid’s performance.

In the next map, EDG was able to mount up a significant amount of pressure on Liquid. They forced overtime on the second map but unfortunately, it was Liquid that won back-to-back rounds to secure the map and series by 2-0.

VALORANT Champions 2022: Competition Update

One of the key announcements before Day 5 began was regarding the COVID-19 testing policy followed by the organizers. Before every match, the participating teams’ members are tested for COVID.

Unfortunately, an EDG player produced a positive result on the PCR test. Since he felt well enough to compete, the organizers allowed the player to participate in the current matches through a LAN network built in isolation facilities.

The positive tested player was allowed to participate from this isolated room while the other EDG members and their opponents (Team Liquid) competed from the main stage.  Due to this region, the Group A elimination match was held after the Group B elimination match between ZETA DIVISION and BOOM Esports.

Let’s hope such a situation does not occur during the next games in the VALORANT Champions Tour.

Stay tuned to get more such latest news, and updates regarding VALORANT and its ongoing Championship tour.

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