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VALORANT Champions 2022 broke Previous Viewership Records with 1.5 Million Peak Viewers

VALORANT Champions 2022 broke Previous Viewership Records with 1.5 Million Peak Viewers

VALORANT Champions 2022 broke previous viewership records for VALORANT esports events With over 1.5 million viewers tuning in lives to see the gripping Grand Finals between OpTic and LOUD. It’s no surprise that this record has been shattered after the first game of Valorant Champions broke the top viewership mark for VCT Stage 2 Masters.  A staggering 1,505,804 viewers watched the grand finals match between LOUD and OpTic across all platforms, shattering the previous record of 1,089,068 by 32%.

Riot flew several of Valorant’s most prominent co-streamers to Istanbul, and the decision has undoubtedly been profitable. The primary Twitch broadcast has a deceptively low viewership of between 230k and 270k. Over 130k people watched Tarik’s co-stream, and as the event progressed, other guest streamers took over his feed. Along with prominent characters from the scene like Shroud, Tarik also made a few appearances on the official Valorant twitch feed throughout the event. Additionally, a significant chunk of the additional viewers came from Portuguese broadcasts as fans eager to promote their home country cheered on the Brazilian team LOUD in the Grand Finals

The event’s average viewership is 525,858, which indicates that interest has been high throughout. This represents a significant increase from the average viewership of 469,083 last year. In addition, the competition saw a significant increase in the number of hours watched, going from 46,048,311 to 60,780,370 overall.

With broadcasts and co-streams in other languages averaging tens of thousands of live viewers, Valorant is an esport that is quite international, as seen by the fact that the primary English broadcast only receives a small portion of the total viewership. VALORANT Champions 2022

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