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VALORANT Champions 2021: Acend & Team Liquid advance to Semifinals

VALORANT Champions 2021: Acend and Team Liquid advance into Semifinals
VALORANT Champions 2021: Acend and Team Liquid advance into Semifinals

VALORANT Champions 2021: Acend & Team Liquid advance to Semifinals. The first two Quarterfinals of the VALORANT Champions 2021 have ended and the results are not so surprising. Unlike the Group Stage, the Quarterfinals have not yet witnessed any upsets for the major teams. Both Team Liquid and Acend won over Cloud9 and Team Secret respectively to advance into the Semifinals. Here is how everything transpired.


Acend continued the superb form that they had built in the Group Stage. In the first map Icebox, Acend gained a good lead over Team Secret in the first half by taking a sizeable lead. They had an 8-4 score during halftime. In the second half, Team Secret tried to bounce back but Acend closed the game by winning 5 rounds. The final round score was 13-8 for Acend and Team Secret. The second map was Breeze and Acend performed in a similar fashion. They took an 8-4 lead in the first half against Team Secret. In the second half, they closed the game by taking 5 rounds quickly against Team Secret’s 2 rounds. Thus, Acend won in Breeze with a 13-6 score and will qualify for the Semifinals that is on 11th December.


In the second Quarterfinals, Team Liquid was able to win both maps by a narrow margin. The first map was Bind, and both teams were on equal grounds with a 6-6 round score in the first half. Team Liquid finally outplayed Cloud9 in the second half as they won 7 rounds against Cloud9’s 4.  The final score was 13-10 in Team Liquid’s favor as they won Bind. In the second map Ascent, Cloud9 was able to come on top in the first half. They took a 7-5 score lead over Team Liquid. But Team Liquid bounced back in the second half as they got an 8-4 round score to win over Ascent. With this map win, Team Liquid advance into the Semifinals that they will play on 11th December.


After advancing, Acend and Team Liquid will play against each other in the first Semifinal series. They will battle for a spot in the Grand Finals of the VALORANT Champions 2021. You can follow us here to find the latest updates of VALORANT Champions 2021.

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