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Valorant Agent 22 Leaks: Release Date, Abilities, and Everything We Know so far

Valorant Agent 22 Leaks: Release Date, Abilities, and Everything We Know so far

Valorant Agent 22 Leaks: Release Date, Abilities, and Everything We Know so far – The anticipation surrounding the imminent arrival of Valorant’s newest agent, Agent 22, has set the gaming community abuzz. Despite the developers’ tight-lipped approach regarding the forthcoming Agents, a tantalizing image has been released, hinting at what’s in store. Fans eagerly await the unveiling of these enigmatic characters, with all three expected to make their debut in the year 2023. It’s an exciting time for the Valorant universe, with a new chapter on the horizon and countless possibilities awaiting those bold enough to explore them.

Valorant Agent 22 Leaks: Release Date, Abilities, and Every thing We Know so far

John Goscicki, who is in charge of creating new characters for Valorant, has disclosed that three fresh agents will be introduced in 2023, and one of them, Agent 22, will be coming out shortly.

What do we know About the Abilities of Agent 22?

According to Riot Games’ announcement, the three new agents slated for release in 2023 will be categorized as Initiator, Sentinel, and a yet-to-be-disclosed role. While there were some rumors circulating that a new class might be introduced, Riot has confirmed that this is not the case.

There is speculation that the agent with the codename “Smokedancer” could be the third agent with an unknown role. This is because Riot Games recently released a new controller agent, Harbor, and it is unlikely that they will release another controller so soon. Although there is no information about Smokedancer’s abilities, John Goscicki hinted that the new agent will have a unique approach to dealing with challenges, including checking corners, accessing locations, and planting the spike. This could imply that the agent may have teleportation abilities and an innovative method of planting the spike, but the exact mechanics have not been revealed yet.

Valorant Agent 22 Expected Release Date

At the moment, Riot Games hasn’t provided any information regarding the Agent 22 Release ate. Riot Games has only given a small hint about the character and hasn’t released any official statements. However, insider reports and other sources suggest that Agent 22 is likely to be released sometime in the second week of March.

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