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Valorant Agent 20: What is his Abilities and Expected Release Date?

Valorant Agent 20 Abilities

With the announcement of a new Valorant agent in Act 3 Episode 4, rumours have circulated that the new face will most likely be a bounty hunter, with hints as to its powers and combat style. The last agent to appear was Neon, who caused quite a stir with his explosive fighting style and talents, implying that the new agent will be something different. According to ValorLeaks, a reputable data miner, the new agent’s codename will most likely be Agent 20 in Valorant. Valorant Agent 20 Abilities

The BOUNTY HUNTER hint isn’t exactly brand fresh. When KAY/O was about to be launched, two codenames – GRENADIER and BOUNTY HUNTER – were also disclosed. We know KAY/O was the Grenadier, but the agents that followed him were not the Bounty Hunter. Chambers and Neon would be the agents in question. Agent 20 could be extremely comparable to Sova and Cypher, as the leaked codename indicated. Two agents who excel at scouting and tracking down their targets. What’s more interesting is the possibility that this agent will outperform Sova or Cypher. The storey of the Bounty Hunter blackmailing other agents is a tease from Valorant. These images also hinted to something in the game (see below). Valorant Agent 20 Abilities

When the beta edition of Riot Games’ free-to-play first-person shooter video game Valorant was first published in 2020, it drew 1.73 million spectators over dozens of streams. It has maintained its popularity since then, with Riot Games routinely releasing new content. Since its beginning in 2019, it is now in its third year. Valorant had four maps and ten Agents in the beta edition, but because to its massive success, it now boasts eighteen Agents and seven maps by 2022, with dazzling duelist Neon acting as the final Valorant Agent 18.

Agent 20 is expected to take over Sova’s dominant position in teams, based on the current information, as he is expected to have a superior kit than his fellow Russian initiator. Bounty Hunter will be released on April 26th, alongside Episode 4 Act 3, which will be released later that month. It goes without saying that it will include a new skin bundle as well as a battle pass.

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    VCT Masters 2022 Reykjavik: All the Qualified Teams so Far and Schedule

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