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Valorant Agent 16 Grenadier – Leaks, Abilities, Release Date and everything you need to know

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Riot Games is best known for its regular updates and the launch of various champions in each game developed by them. They have been increasing the number of agents in Valorant, which gives players the option to choose the best ones in each game. The last agent launched in Valorant was Astra, making a total count of 15 Valorant Agents from which teams can strategize around. Though it was teased, the launch of Agent 16 to come in Episode 2 Act 3, but that was a false alarm. Instead, Riot released a new map, Breeze. But, Agent 16 is on its way and we will tell you everything we know about this Agent.

Valorant Agent 16: Name

Although, it is still unknown what kind of Agent the new Valorant character could be. But, we have the name of the new Agent with us. According to the various Valorant leaks and info, Agent 16 will be named “Grenadier“. While the nature of the character is not known to anyone. From the name itself, we could assume some massive number of grenade attacks by the upcoming champion.

Valorant Agent 16: Abilities and Gameplay

The most chances are that it could be one of the Duelist or Sentinel. The major takeaway from the character’s offensive attacks would be massive explosive power. The leaks also suggest Agent 16 acts as an initiator champion for its team due to its skills.

Valorant Agent 16: Release Date

Though, there have been no official dates announced for the launch of this champion. Moreover, it didn’t come in Episode 2 Act 3. That means we can expect Agent 16 to drop in Valorant Episode 3 Act 1, due to launch on June 22, 2021.

We will keep you updated as soon as the official release date is out for Agent 16.

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