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Valorant 4.0 Patch Notes: See all the Updates and Changes in Agents, Maps and Weapons

Valorant 4.0 Patch Notes: See all the Updates and Changes in Agents, Maps and Weapons
Valorant 4.0 Patch Notes: See all the Updates and Changes in Agents, Maps and Weapons

Valorant 4.0 Patch Notes: See all the Updates and Changes in Agents, Maps and Weapons. The long-awaited next episode of Valorant 4.0 Patch Notes is here, and it brings with it some significant changes across the board. Aside from the Agent, battle pass, and new skyline, the game is planning some major modifications to its maps and gameplay features, which are detailed in today’s patch notes.


neon banner

Neon is joining the agent squad!

  • You can find their talents on the agent’s page at
  • Watch the promotional video, its beautiful song will play in your mind for days.



We’re happy with the Specter’s versatility, but it was too good in long-range engagements, and it performed even better when moving shots at close range, which was its main purpose. We hope that the earlier accuracy and the greater the horizontal shift will make it a little harder to scan around to score at long range. Likewise, you’ll need to better control the weapon for close-range scanning to be effective.

  • Firing errors will kick in at earlier stages when scanning with a weapon.
    • For example, instead of the error margin for the 4th, 7th, and 10th rounds in the firing order, the margin of error will now be activated for the 3rd, 6th, and 8th rounds.
  • Vertical and horizontal recoil multipliers increased when running/jumping/climbing: 1.25 >>> 1.5
  • Decreased number of shells protected from horizontal deflection when scanning: 8 shells >>> 5 shells
  • Decreased lateral offset activation time: 0.24 s >>> 0.18 s
    • Horizontal yaw will now kick in much faster when scanning with a weapon. In other words, you will encounter horizontal deviation more often.

Ares gives the player the feeling that comes with editing Specter and power to increase a little bit more and we wanted to save him from the shadow of other weapons in the same price range.

  • Removed the rotary magazine preparation time.
  • Rate of fire increased: 10 >>> 13

We’re removing it because we think it doesn’t need the rate of fire margin of error when looking at fully automatic weapons like the Guardian itself. Being able to fire one more bullet before the weapon starts deflecting will make it more effective when single shots are fired and increase its overall efficiency in battles.

  • Removed the margin of error for the rate of fire when zooming in.
  • The weapon will be able to fire an extra round before it goes into the recovery phase.

We’ve done a favor to the Bulldog to give you a better choice of guns when you need a cheaper yet versatile rifle.

  • Unfire rate increased: 9.5 >>> 10
    • Improved burst recovery: 0.4 >>> 0.35
      • Each weapon has an off-hit effect when fired again before its weapon regen time has elapsed. With the reduction of recovery time, rapid-fire efficiency should increase.

Valorant 4.0 Patch Notes: See all the Updates and Changes in Agents, Maps and Weapons


bind old 1
bind new
  • The position of the two boxes in A Short has been changed. This removed a very strong one-sided smoke-throwing position that made it a bit too difficult for attackers to approach.
    • Sentinels will still be able to block this area, but the new placement will give attackers a little more suppression options.
bind short old
bind short new
  • Valorant Teams added a small bench to diversify your strategy as you take the first look.
Valorant breeze a
breeze a new
  • The door in A Main has been expanded, and the situations that allowed you to choose with a 50/50 ratio (where you have to pick one of two locations where the opponent can be) have been removed.
    • This change will give some more options to defenders playing in A Main. It will also eliminate the 50/50 chance of encountering someone when entering or leaving the cave, allowing you to play more methodically while spraying.
breeze cave old
breeze cave new
  • Added two stacked boxes to the cave.
    • This innovation will act as a bit of cover for attackers pushing towards the cavern, while giving more options to defenders trying to retake the area.
breeze a can old
Valorant breeze a box new
  • The trench behind Zone A has been reworked and extended to the wall opposite the pool.
    • These trench arrangements will serve as a safer area for the defenders to retreat to and more cover as they attempt to retake the area. The expansion of the pool will make it more comfortable to play in this area.
    • The spike placement area has also been adjusted to suit the new shape of the pool.
breeze mid
Valorant breeze mid new
  • Adjusted the curved wall in the middle (rough surface at the bottom left of column)
    • This change will simplify the space and eliminate the additional nook.
Valorant breeze b ex
breeze b new
  • Added a trench to the column in Zone B, covered the back of the zone with a new wall, and added stacked boxes to Wall B.
    • The new shield added to the column will offer new opportunities for before and after Spike placement.
    • The edit to the back of the zone will block the view that extends to the B Main, which players use by removing their head, and will give players a new cover they can use. This new trench will also come in handy when retreating or reclaiming territory.
    • The new stack of boxes will limit some viewing angles in B Main, provide new options for holding or retaking territory, and help end the awkward conflicts swirling around thin walls.
  • It will not be able to be restarted unless the door at B is completely closed or opened.

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