Valkyrae expresses her inclination towards content creation and vows to never quit

Valkyrae expresses her inclination towards content creation and vows to never quit

Valkyrae expresses her inclination towards content creation and vows to never quit – One of the fastest growing female steamers on the Internet, Valkyrae is known for her gaming content and fun content with her other streamers. Recently in an interview, she spoke about the future of her content, how it has changed over time, and her views on a probable retirement plan.

Beginning in 2020, her YouTube channel saw a boost as she started playing the online multiplayer social deduction game Among Us and started working with well-known streamers like Disguised Toast, Sykkuno, Pokimane, Jacksepticeye, Cr1TiKaL, Corpse Husband, xChocoBars, and Fuslie. In a recent interview, Valkyrae discussed how her approach to creating content has changed and that she doesn’t see herself ever completely giving it up and ceasing to do so. 

The 100 Thieves co-owner explained her love for playing games, which would naturally make her stream the game. And now both these aspects has become inseparable to the point where she could never stop streaming or ‘retire’. “I don’t know, I always tell chat that I don’t ever see myself truly ending streaming because I feel like, you know, I’ve been gaming my whole life, so I’m always going to play,” she began.

Valkyrae then pointed out, “I’ll be interested in games for a long time. There’s going to be probably like a really cool game that comes out in 50 years, and so I’m obviously going to play. And if I’m going to play any games, I might as well stream it. So I feel like I’ll be streaming when I’m 80!” Futhermore, the streaming star also spoke about the change that has come in her recent content, where she is focusing more on vlog-style content.

Valkyrae made headlines in June 2022 when she declared she would be taking a “very long break” from her typical Youtube streaming content. Since making this revelation, the well-known content creator has continued to produce videos but has significantly altered the regular schedule and kind of material that fans have come to expect. “Making content is fun and I feel like this is the rejuvenation of the YouTube channel, filming sit-down videos for once. I don’t think it’ll ever really end,” she claimed.

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