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Ubisoft releases XDefiant Closed Beta Test, Check How to apply?

Ubisoft XDefiant's closed beta test is live now: How to apply?
Ubisoft XDefiant's closed beta test is live now: How to apply?

Ubisoft releases XDefiant Closed Beta Test, Check How to apply? Ubisoft, the renowned game development company, has exciting news for all gaming enthusiasts out there! They have announced a closed beta test for their highly anticipated game, XDefiant. As of now, the beta test is life on the server and is scheduled to run until April 23, 2023. Although not everyone will get a chance to participate in this exclusive opportunity, there are ways to increase your chances. We are here to assist you in grabbing this golden opportunity and testing out Ubisoft’s latest creation.

XDefiant Closed Beta Test: How to apply?

Applying for the beta test of XDefiant is a pretty much easier task. Just follow the below instructions. To be part of the closed beta for XDefiant:

  • Players must register on the game’s official website. If selected, they will get the chance to play the game. But, there are other ways to gain access to the beta version.
  • One can also obtain the closed beta keys for XDefiant by tuning in to Twitch streamers who have partnered with the game. By watching their streams for at least 30 minutes, players can qualify for a drop and gain access to the closed beta.

That’s it, if you are lucky enough, you will get a chance to witness this highly anticipated game. One should remember, the test is only available on certain platforms. These platforms are PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Is XDefiant targeting the Call of Duty audience?

Well, jumping to the straight answer, which is “YES”! If you are a fan of multiplayer shooters like Call of Duty, Overwatch, or Team Fortress 2, you will likely find XDefiant to be familiar. The gameplay is centered around arena-style blasting with a slight emphasis on objectives, providing a tight and fast-paced experience.

As noticed by NME, The game’s pace of play is reminiscent of earlier Call of Duty titles, with a relatively slower time to kill that can still feel quite frenetic when an unexpected opponent catches you off guard and delivers a fatal blow. All of these elements combine to make XDefiant an exciting and challenging multiplayer game that will keep you on your toes!

There is no release window for XDefiant yet. However, considering the closed beta test is already happening we can expect the game as soon as possible.

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