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Ubisoft is Shutting down Battle Royale Game Hyper Scape, Just after 2 Years since Launch

Ubisoft is Shutting down Battle Royale Game Hyper Scape
Ubisoft is Shutting down Battle Royale Game Hyper Scape

Ubisoft has revealed that the battle royale game Hyper Scape would be shut down in April 2022, just two years after its introduction. It’s hardly the first game to attempt and ride the current trend and fail—Battleborn comes to mind—but this is an unusually rapid shutdown. It can be difficult to gain traction in a market already crowded with popular games, and it appears that this battle royale fell short.

On Hyper Scape’s website, the announcement reads:

We have made the difficult decision to end development of Hyper Scape and shut the game down as of April 28th. We set out to create a vertical, close-quarters, and fast-paced shooter experience and we are extremely grateful to our community for joining us on our journey. We will be taking key learnings from this game into future products

Hyper Scape was only recently disclosed by Ubisoft, and it will be released in the summer of 2020. It appeared to be a standard battle royale with a twist at the time, forsaking custom load-outs in favor of players picking up everything as the game continued and allowing players to upgrade their firearms by finding the same gun again. Hyper Scape delivered enough to feel like more than just a clone of other popular battle royale games like Apex Legends or Call of Duty: Warzone, thanks to a variety of abilities that ranged from beneficial to absurd.

There’s no indication on whether current gamers will get a send-off bonus, but Ubisoft expressed gratitude for the community’s dedication and passion. Ubisoft’s response to the battle royale explosion, following the popularity of titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends, was Hyper Scape. Despite its map design and vertical gameplay, Hyper Scape didn’t have what it took to stand out in the field.

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