Twitch Streamer Kyedae Diagnosed with Cancer, Community pours Support for her

Twitch Streamer Kyedae Revealed that She has Diagnosed with Cancer, Community pours Support for her

Twitch Streamer Kyedae Diagnosed with Cancer, Community pours Support for her- Kyedae Alixia Shymko, a popular Twitch streamer, bravely shared the news of her recent diagnosis with acute myeloid leukaemia and cancer to her loyal fans, evoking an outpouring of love and encouragement from her supportive community. She took to Twitter to update her followers, stating that she will soon commence treatment for her condition, and acknowledging that her streaming schedule may be affected in the immediate future.

Twitch Streamer Kyedae Diagnosed with Cancer, Community pours Support for her

In her most recent tweet she said “Hi everyone, I’ve recently been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (cancer). I’ll be starting up treatment very soon. With that being said I’m not too sure how my body will react to the treatment so I do apologize in advance if my stream schedule isn’t consistent! Stay safe <3.”

Acute myeloid leukemia is a fast-moving form of cancer that originates in the blood-forming tissue of the body, like the bone marrow, and results in an overproduction of white blood cells that enter the bloodstream. While acute lymphocytic leukemia is more prevalent among children, it can also affect adults, though the likelihood of successful treatment and cure is lower. However, with appropriate medical interventions, children diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia have a good chance of overcoming the disease.

Kyedae, who is 21 years old, has been a prominent and influential personality in the VALORANT community for several years, frequently sharing her gameplay with a large audience and collaborating with other creators from various organizations. Her association with 100 Thieves has significantly boosted her popularity, elevating her to the status of not only one of the top VALORANT streamers, but also one of the most watched personalities on Twitch.

Kyedae’s announcement of her cancer and leukemia diagnosis was met with a flood of support from fellow streamers, Valorant professional players, esports organizations, and fans. Prominent figures such as Boaster from Fnatic and Ayrin from Global Esports, as well as Cloud 9 Valorant, expressed their well wishes and hopes for her speedy recovery. It’s heartwarming to see the entire community come together to show their love and support for Kyedae during this difficult time.

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