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Twitch streamer Alinity banned for wardrobe malfunction on stream

Image Via Alinity

The famous Twitch streamer Alinity has been banned from Twitch as of April 25 for her wardrobe malfunction which went viral across the net. In the past, there have been several bans on the streamer like for feeding her cat vodka or tossing it over her shoulder.

During the stream, she was in the process of putting a pillow in her shirt when the disaster happened. For a fraction of seconds, she exposed her entire breast to her thousands of viewers and yelled the words “Oh my God” to her chat.

As this incident was against the rules of Twitch, the streamer didn’t get the ban on the same day. She tried to cool down the matter by not discussing it but things get viral very fast on the internet nowadays that too when you are famous streamer.

After the incident, Alinity just looks chill as she originally only posted a selfie of herself lying on the couch.


“Hey, so regardless of whatever Twitch decides to do, I’m gonna give myself a 3-day suspension from the platform. I think it is fair,” she tweeted out, with many replying in the tweet for her to be removed from the website permanently.

As per the Twitch policy “overall surrounding framing and context” will be taken into account when assessing a situation that’s violated their rules, but does not comment on CG violations publicly to respect the privacy of its users.

She then came up with more tweets stating to the people that she hadn’t yet been banned over the incident to take it up with Twitch. She also asked how “their inconsistencies” with bans is her fault.

“Yo, if you guys don’t like how Twitch handles bans take it with them,” she said. “How are their inconsistencies my fault?”

“You guys know I have been suspended before, right? So many people saying I don’t get in trouble and s**t. I just didn’t make a big fuzz when I got suspended, cause WHO CARES?” she continued. “GUYS I GOT BANNED BUT X AND Y PERSON DIDN’T WAH WAH WAH” Not my kinda s**t really…. I just took time off to think about my mistakes.”


Meanwhile, KEEMSTAR, a frequent critic of Alinity, posting a clip of the incident in question and mentioned her previous transgressions on Twitter. He wrote, “Alinity, throws cats stream no ban Flashes tits on stream no ban….”. With that tweet, he posted a screenshot of her nip slip being taken down on Reddit and mentioned that she isn’t banned at the moment.

For now, Alinity would have been better off getting a short ban. When Amouranth flashed her stream in September she was banned for only 3 days. But the controversy doesn’t seem to get unnoticed for a few days.

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