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Twitch Partners With Cxmmunity To Provide Esports Oppurtunities

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Twitch is trying its best to give every single gamer the opportunity they deserve to grow in the esports community. Twitch has announced its partnership with Cxmmunity, which will provide gamers to join the gaming community. In this Partnership, they will host an esports League for Historically Black Colleges and Universities and will Provide HBCU students with educational and scholarship support through Twitch student program while helping expand HBCU’s Esports programs.

According to the International Game Developers Association, 83% of Black teens play video games. It’s sad to say that maximum of them doesn’t gets job in the gaming industry. More than 400 Universities and colleges have esports teams. Out of a large number of universities, only one is an HBCU.

Chris Peay, CoFounder of Cxmmunity, said

“As a graduate of an HBCU and knowing first hand how we’re underrepresented and just lack the access to get into gaming, I’m excited to be working with Twitch to fulfil our mission in increasing the participation of minorities within these industries and close the digital divide. If you happen to look at Esports programming, you would immediately notice the lack of melanin in the industry that IGDA says 68 per cent of video game creators are of European or Caucasian descent. Both Twitch and Cxmmunity are hoping to fix that glaring issue within the booming industry by opening “pipeline for Black talent in the esports industry,”

This league will help students in creating connections with some of the top organisation and brand of the industry. In this league, students will get a chance to meet with game publishers, professional athletes and more. There will be endless possibilities like Internships, job opportunities and more. Other companies working within this project include Axis Replay and GameBRKZ.

The first weekend of HBCU esports streams will take place on August 2nd at 3 PM on Cxmmunity’s Twitch channel. Participating in the stream will include professional athletes, influencers, and world-renowned artists.

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