Twitch is testing the Rewind Stream and other features in its month-long experiment

Twitch is testing the Rewind Stream and other features in its month-long experiment

We all have been there where we wanted to rewind the Twitch stream so that we can relive some epic moments. Well, guess Twitch has finally heard our wishes as it has started a month-long experiment where some users will find three additional buttons on the video player. These are Rewind the Stream, Remind Me, and Watch Trailer.

Twitch Official Announcement

The official Twitter handle of Twitch Support announced this testing phase that is going to last for a month. In this, it has been stated that below the Twitch video player, viewers can find the Rewind the Stream, Remind Me, and Watch Trailer buttons.

By clicking the Rewind the Stream button, you will be taken 2 minutes back into the stream. After that, you can then rewatch the two-minute streaming content at various speeds, as it happens in other Twitch VODs (Video on Demand). This feature will only be available if the streamer has enabled VOD in their streams. After clicking the rewind button, you will still be able to see the live stream in the picture-in-picture window that will open above the chat space.

Twitch has stated that this feature will be made available to almost a quarter of its viewer base. Apart from the Rewind the Stream button, the other two buttons are also quite convenient. The Remind Me button allows you to receive a reminder of the streamer’s next scheduled streams. On the other hand, clicking the Watch Trailer button will let you view the streamer’s channel trailer (if it exists).

After the one-month experiment period is over, the three buttons will be removed. Twitch will be taking viewers’ suggestions and feedback before making any plans regarding this topic in the future. Stay tuned with us to know more about the latest news.

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