Twitch Gambling Slicker Controversy: Felix “xQc” has offered to put an end to the Slicker controversy

Twitch Gambling Slicker Controversy: Felix "xQc" has offered to put an end to the Slicker controversy

Twitch Gambling Slicker Controversy: Felix “xQc” has offered to put an end to the Slicker controversy – Felix “xQc” has volunteered to resolve the Slicker saga by covering the cost of what is obliged to pay to the people that gave the broadcaster money in exchange for TrainwrecksTV contributing the remaining half.

Due to several individuals accusing Twitch streamer Slicker of not repaying the money after having to borrow from them, he has recently made news in the streaming community. Respectively his viewers and other streamers are included in this. Fans have praised Felix for his kind gift, however, some feel that it is impossible to appropriately return the money.

For quite a while, there has been debate about whether or not gambling should indeed be permitted on the Amazon-owned Twitch network. Despite this, well-known streamers like xQc and TrainwrecksTV have advocated for gambling in the format of slots, which was the ninth most viewed genre in the previous month, ahead of well-liked titles like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Twitch Gambling Slicker Controversy: Felix “xQc” has offered to put an end to the Slicker controversy

Twitch users are currently obsessed with gambling streams. Slots outperformed Fortnite last week in terms of platform viewers, despite being formerly associated with gaming and streaming.

Nine million hours of Slots have reportedly been viewed by viewers in only the past week, based on the most recent Twitch Tracker. That surpasses the 8.4 million users for World of Warcraft, 7.9 million users for Fortnite, and 5.3 million users for Call of Duty: Warzone.

Even while there are devoted slot broadcasters like Roshtein, other video game content producers have included it into their normal schedules, largely as a result of extremely lucrative sponsorship arrangements. With a total view time of more than eight million hours, TrainwrecksTV and xQc are ranked second and third on Sullygnome’s list of the most popular Slots streamers during the past 30 days.

The Slicker drama took place over the course of the previous day when his Twitch moderators exposed him as a con artist for reportedly utilizing money borrowed from friends and followers to gamble. He apologized for the event during the full stream, which is presented below.

One of the most popular gambling broadcasters on the network, xQc, proposed a remedy to the issue, stating: “I’ll throw an offer out there. Okay, I’ll throw a curveball, okay? And I will stick to my word. If Train wants to if he wants to join forces with me on a 50/50 split. Okay? I will refund half of anybody who’s been scammed of any money. A singular dollar, with proof, will go through to all of them, if Trainwrecks wants to go 50/50. How about that?”

xQc was concerned about the difficulties in calculating the precise sum of money that ought to be refunded to its proper owners and wanted to ensure that the statistics would be rigorously checked: “As long as there is solid proof, and the numbers add up and it gets to check on both his side and their side. So, the double proof is kind of easy to do. We can do it.”


Although paying Slicker’s victims seems reasonable, many individuals believe that bailing out the streamer in this way would merely encourage his harmful activity. Many Twitter users and LivestreamFail subreddit users demanded appropriate punishment, saying that no one should assist Slicker in getting out of this problem.

Many believed that the idea of two gambling streams, xQc, and TrainwrecksTV, aiding Slicker in repaying their debts was a contributing factor to the issue. 

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