Twitch faces backlash following it’s comparison of VTubers with AI


Twitch faces backlash following it’s comparison of VTubers with AI- Twitch is receiving a lot of criticism following its recent take on the growth of VTubers. This happened after a recent Twitter post intended to appreciate the achievement of VTubers went south as they compared the virtual creators with Artificial intelligence (AI).

Twitch has seen a surge in VTubing since the past one year. The purple platform created a 27 seconds video featuring outstanding creators like Uguubear, Streamy winner CodeMiko, and VShojo’s Nyanners and Silvervale and their work to honour the virtual medium’s development throughout the course of the year.

Twitch faces backlash following it’s comparison of VTubers with AI

The caption read, “The VTuber tag brought both avatars and viewers together in one great space, with VTubers growing and creating AI like never before.” “Oh, and some amazing characters and personalities came along with it.”

The caption has bothered many popular VTubers who claim that comparing them with AI denigrates the hard work that goes into the creative art form and reflects ignorance on the platform’s side. 

“Twitch I appreciate the love, but respectfully VTubing has nothing to do with AI at all,” VShojo Business Development Manager ‘Tomathin’ replied. “AI art is hurting not just VTubers, but a lot of the talented artists that create and work with VTubers, so it’s really insulting and diminishing to mention it like this,” he continued.

“Models take months of work from different people to act in specific ways and do specific things for the personality behind it. If VTubers are AI because we use a software that has machine learning to track the face then I think that’s a diminishment of the space.”

VTubers simply want to be acknowledged and appropriately recognised for their work rather than having their accomplishments reduced to AI, even while it is appreciation for the space as a whole.

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