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Tundra signs Harry “Veno” Pearson as it expands into Fortnite

Tundra signs Harry “Veno” Pearson as it expands into Fortnite
Tundra signs Harry “Veno” Pearson as it expands into Fortnite

Tundra signs Harry “Veno” Pearson as it expands into Fortnite – Today another piece of Tundra history is created as we expand into a brand new gaming title, Fortnite. We’re thrilled to announce the signing of our first professional player, Harry ‘Veno’ Pearson. Veno is one of the hottest British prospects in competitive Fortnite with over $200K earnings and is currently ranked #33 in Europe. In 2021, Veno had impressive FNCS placings and several tournaments wins, including his incredible 2nd place finish in FNCS Solo All-Stars. In 2022, he’s aiming to take his game to the next level and establish himself amongst Europe’s elite.

Tundra signs Harry “Veno” Pearson – He is the first Fortnite player to join Tundra’s ranks, but he won’t be the last… Watch this space! This is what Veno had to say on joining Tundra and what he hopes to accomplish:

  • Harry “Veno” Pearson is a fresh British Fortnite esports professional who’s been placing in top 10 of multiple weeks of Epic Games’ Solo and Duos Cash Cups. Veno is currently ranked #33 in Europe, racking up wins and quickly advancing through the ranks.
  • “Veno’s professional approach to pro play combined with streaming his journey to the top is what ultimately captivated us and made us interested in signing him.” says Anthony Graham, Director of Esports and Operations. “Veno is the first Fortnite esports player we’ve signed, but he definitely won’t be the last.”
  • Signing Veno comes one year after Tundra’s first expansion outside of FIFA. The London-based organization signed a full DOTA 2 roster and after a successful 2021 season (during which the team almost qualified for The International) the organization renewed all of the players’ contracts for three additional years to focus on fostering talent long-term.
  • Tundra is planning on further expanding into the Fortnite scene in the coming months. Fortnite remains one of the key players in battle royale esports, and the organization is currently in talks with more promising talent.

“I feel great to join Tundra, especially as the first player on the roster. I have a huge responsibility on my back to show what this organization can achieve in Fortnite! I’m hoping to accomplish something I’ve never achieved before, to win a major event, I’ve come 2nd more than enough times, now it’s time to come 1st.”

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