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TSM India releases PUBG Mobile roster, Ghatak and team to join international org

TSM India

TSM India officially announced today on their Instagram account that they will be parting ways with the PUBG Mobile roster of Entity gaming. It was a mutual agreement between the American based organization TSM and the Indian gaming organization Entity gaming to part ways after sharing some beautiful moments in the history of PUBG mobile.

TSM Entity was probably the strongest Indian Esports team in the PUBG Mobile scene. They were known for their aggression and domination and portrayed some real talent in national and international tournaments. Alas, they part ways and now we expect something huge planned for Ghatak and teammates. TSM wishes good luck to the roster and is confident about the growth of Indian Esports after being a part of it for a while now.

Now the big question comes up, what’s next for Ghatak and teammates? According to rumours which have been surfacing for a long time now, the Ex TSM Entity squad comprising of Ghatak, Jonathan, Zgod, Clutchgod and Neyo will be a part of GodLike Esports now. GodLike has already parted ways with its current roster which might be a hint that they are making way for Ghatak and teammates to join in.


  • GodlClutchgod
  • GodlZgod
  • GodlJohnathan
  • GodlNeyoo
  • GodlGhatak
  • GodlSpower

Official news is yet to come but the rumours and hints make it very evident and obvious. The EX GodLike player Spower was also linked with a move to the Ghatak’s team recently. He has left GodLike’s roster which might be an indication of his move to the new team. It is further speculated that Ghatak and his team could be joining Team Liquid. If the rumours are true, Team Liquid’s entry into the Indian esports ecosystem will bring a massive boost throughout the community.

Rumours and speculation have been all over the place lately in the Indian gaming community after the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India. BGMI has already announced its first competitive tournament due to which roster and team changes are now happening rapidly. We must wait and watch patiently for further news and updates on rosters and organizations.

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