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TSM FTX India Announced Legal Action against Godlike Amid Player Poaching Controversy

TSM FTX India Legal Action

A high-profile player poaching issue involving two of India’s largest esports organisations has shocked the Indian BGMI gaming community. TSM FTX India and GodLike Gaming are the organisations in question, and Arjun Mandhalkar a.k.a. Shadow is the player at the centre of it all. Shadow has joined GodLike Gaming after serving as the IGL for TSM FTX India. TSM, on the other hand, claims that GodLike made no official attempt to buy out Shadow’s contract. TSM India vs Godlike

SHADOW first joined TSM in July of last year, and he immediately established himself as one of the finest IGLs in the BGMI competitive scene. He was a key member of his team’s victories at the Skyesports Mobile Open and the NODWIN x Loco All Stars Invitational. He also assisted TSM in finishing second in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021. In the early week of June, rumours of SHADOW leaving TSM began to circulate. TSM did not make this information public. Prior to this whole affair, ‘Shadow’ had issued a vague but aggressive remark that mostly indicated a career shift. In the post, he singled out a few organisations with whom he had a tense relationship. TSM FTX India Legal Action

TSM India even addressed the incident in an official post on its Instagram page. Shadow is making bogus charges against them since he was benched, they said. Furthermore, the organisation stated that they had always been willing to lease him out to other organisations or accept any proposals made by others if they were contacted properly. However, they claim that GodLike approached Shadow behind their backs, which is very inappropriate.

TSM India to Take Legal Action against Godlike

GodLike has declared on their Twitter account that they will be launching a criminal and civil case against people who are leaking private chats, as well as taking action against a player who is publicly abusing ‘Shadow’ and GodLike, in response to the continued defamatory statements directed at them. TSM India vs Godlike

Both sides have announced legal action against one other, indicating that things have taken a turn for the worst. TSM will take such action because their playing time was taken away from them without their knowledge. Duncan “DUNC” Cox, TSM’s Head of Global Social and Community, stated that the company will take measures and hopes that such instances do not occur again.

Now in a recent, and very fresh development TSM FTX India has finally announced legal action against Godlike through their official Twitter handle. Things keep getting strangled as we are approaching Nodwin x Star Sports BGMI Lan.

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