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Top 5 ways to use Gloo Wall like Pro gamers in Free Fire Max

Top 5 ways to use Gloo Wall like Pro gamers in Free Fire Max
Top 5 ways to use Gloo Wall like Pro gamers in Free Fire Max
Top 5 ways to use Gloo Wall like Pro gamers in Free Fire Max – The title Free Fire always comes 1st in the list, especially for coming with such a unique and interesting gaming concept which made it quite different from other BR titles globally. The game possesses many antique features which somehow help the gamers to gain more advantage on the battlefield. Character skill, Gun skins advantage, and especially the Gloo wall have made huge evolutions in the whole gaming platform. 

As we know that Free Fire Max is always about good in-game performance, thrilling in-game collection, and more. Therefore, players often go with the features of the game for more handy playability. Similarly, the easiest way to deal with the opponent is by using Gloo walls which will help the gamers in different combats like healing, reviving, reloading, taking guard, and more. So, follow this article to know the top 5 ways to use Gloo wall like pro gamers.

Top 5 ways to use Gloo Wall like Pro gamers in Free Fire Max

Gamers need to follow some procedures to use the gloo wall easily. So, follow the step below:

Cover yourself with Gloo wall – The 360-degree trick

When players are covered with multiple enemies on the battlefield, they must follow the 360-degree trick to cover themselves for healing purposes and also to spot the nemesis position. To use this trick players need to sit up and rotate the trigger button 360 degrees instantly to apply it. The way is one of the safest and most durable for all gamers, especially in CS matches where players can use this trick for healing, reviving, taking guard, and more purposes.

Take fights at close range

Players always prefer to take combats in close range compare to the long ones. Here Gloo wall usage is more because players always rush to the opponents to secure the kill leading to the waste of more gloo walls which helps them in reloading, healing, and more. Moreover, they can also revive their allies in close combats by adding multiple gloo walls which hardly give the opponents to destroy it instantly.

Stop opponent by using gloo wall

Always block the enemies when you are in critical situations which will help them from getting shot by them.  The majority of combat in the ground takes place in houses and buildings, they can use these opportunities to block them for a certain duration. This trick will help in taking guard, revving, and more in a very rush fight situation.

Place gloo walls far away while rushing

While rushing players should always place the gloo walls in front of the opponents to block them so that they can spot our position. Therefore, we can gain the advantage to wreck them all.

Always allow the players to help their allies

When playing with a well-formed squad, losing one player might prove costly to winning up the objective. So, players must always help their allies by using gloo walls to protect them from taking guard, healing, and more. Therefore, it’s one of the most important tips to help the allies and to finish the match.

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