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Top 5 reasons why PUBG New State is Better than BGMI or PUBG Mobile

Top 5 reasons why PUBG New State is Better than BGMI or PUBG Mobile

Top 5 Reasons Why PUBG New State is Better than PUBG Mobile: As we can see PUBG Mobile is one of the most downloaded games all over the world and the madness of this game is at its peak level. The title has also crossed 1 billion downloads worldwide. The PUBG developers decided to make this game, with improved graphics, better weapon customization, and more. So, the CEO of Krafton KIM Chang-han announced the Pre-registration of PUBG New State a few months ago and players across the world have already started pre-registering for the new game. Right after its announcement, PUBG Mobile New State reached 5Million pre-registration on Play Store. PUBG New State will undoubtedly make a huge name of its own.

Pre-registration of PUBG New State has started today in India on Google Play Store. 

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5 reasons Why PUBG New State is Better than BGMI or PUBG Mobile:
1. Graphics

PUBG New State is Better than PUBG Mobile or BGMI

The graphics of this game will present themselves as the next evolution of PUBG Mobile, which will give the players a fully realistic feeling. The developers used a new cutting edge global illumination technology, to make sure that the players should see an overall graphical improvement in the game. The graphics of this game will make the players feel like a truly next-generation experience on mobile. It has been sure that Graphics will shake the world of mobile gaming and will set a benchmark in the industry of mobile gaming.

2. Maps

Developers of PUBG have introduced a new map Troi. This Map size is 8×8. Similarly, as Erangel and Miramar, the location of this map will be set in the fictional city of Troi. Krafton Inc. recently shared some of the locations of Troi. The first location shared by the developers was Exhibit Hall, Developers said the hall used to be the attraction of heart for the peoples of Troi. 

PUBG New State is Better than PUBG Mobile or BGMI

The second location shared by the developers was The Mall. The shopping mall was a gathering place that attracted many people.

PUBG New State is Better than PUBG Mobile or BGMI

The third location shared by the developers was The Laboratory. They said this was once the epicenter of scientific works that will now be used as a perfect weapons spawn location. The last location shared was The Trailer Park. They said the park will be used by the players as the perfect place to ambush opponents. 

3. Weapons customization

The developers of PUBG New State added a new Dyneema Vest and better weapon customization. Dyneema vest is very lightweight and will provide higher mobility so the players can run fast. On the other hand, the customization of weapons will provide new attachments to the guns for better recoil control and higher mobility.

4. Drones

The most exciting feature of Troi is that when players are in search of loot, they need to collect drone credits which they will accrue as they will explore the map of Troi. They can exchange these credits for meds, ammo, and other items. Once you complete your purchase, the items will be delivered by drone.

5. Vehicles Optimization

The addition of exclusive vehicles will be loved by all of us. Starting from the new electric car named Volta, this car is faster and stronger than the vehicles featured in PUBG Mobile. Players can also take cover behind the car doors. The Next vehicle is the new two-wheeler named Vulture. This bike will help the players to run away from aggressive fights, as the bike boost a higher max speed than the conventional motorbike.

PUBG New State is Better than PUBG Mobile or BGMI

Another addition to the battlegrounds is the Tram, publishing director Brian Corrigan said that “If the players are in battle-weary, they need some time to heal up and re-strategize inside the trams of Troi. Railway of the Future is a fine choice, perpetual and impenetrable. They will be gliding through the city so long as no one else is inside or playing an ambush on your exit.”

Note: PUBG Mobile and PUBG New State give a unique experience of gameplay. But for players who want high graphics and a better gameplay environment, switching to PUBG New State will be the best decision.

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