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Top 5 Pubg Mobile Streamers on YouTube in India


With the entry of Pubg Mobile game in India, gaming has got a massive boost in all fields of the community. From the esports industry, entry of big organizations in India and also one of the major area is streaming of games to entertain people on the various streaming platforms.

One of the most famous streaming platforms in India is YouTube. This platform has given us many famous Pubg Mobile Streamers. So here are the top 5 Pubg Mobile Streamers of YouTube in India (on mobile).


Antaryami Gaming

The 5th position goes to Antaryami Gaming. He started his channel on 5th Mar 2018 after realising that streaming could also be one of the professions besides being a roaster. Yes, you heard it right Antaryami initially started his YouTube journey with a roasting channel on 10th Dec 2017. By streaming Pubg Mobile game the channel has achieved many milestones.

  • Subscriber Count – 800K
  • Video Views – 50,00,000+



Tanmay Singh aka ScoutOP is a Pubg Mobile pro player from Fnatic besides being a part-time YouTube Streamer. Till date, scout’s YouTube career has always been in controversies. The main reason for that is the game rage which overpowers him while streaming on YouTube. The pro player has tried many games online but ultimately ends up playing his all-time favourite “Pubg Mobile”. Tanmay started his journey as a professional player with Team IND and then formed a new team called XSpark with two former players of Team Soul i.e. Owais and Ronak. Later, the squad was picked up by the very famous esports organization Fnatic.

  • Subscriber Count – 919K
  • Video Views – 94,50,000+


Kronten Gaming

Kronten Gaming holds the third position in the list. Chetan aka Kronten started his YouTube career way back on 26th Feb 2018. He used to play the game on the emulator which helped him to gain massive subscribers and views on his channel. On September 2019, kronten got an invite to Pubg Mobile Star Challenge 2019 where top 16 content creators from all over the world teamed up with pro players to win the prize pool of $250,000. Immediately after the event, the streamer decided to enter into competitive gaming and completely shift to mobile streaming. Presently, kronten owns a Pubg Mobile team named “GodLike Esports” consisting of pro players Carry, Existence, Gill, Smokie and himself.

  • Subscriber Count – 1.81M
  • Video Views – 200,000,000



The 23-year-old YouTube Streamer and Professional player has reached the next level heights of esports gaming by gaining love and respect of the fans which every individual dream of reaching one day. Mortal has got the tag “Most humble player of gaming community” by his fans. He started his YouTube journey on 23rd Sep 2013 by uploaded the gameplays of Mini Militia. But soon in 2018 after the launch of Pubg mobile game in India. The pro player started streaming the game which gave his channel an instant boom. Looking at his professional career, till date he is the most successful esports player in India. His team hold two major tournament championships under his leadership.

  • Subscriber Count – 4.33M
  • Video Count – 418,039,000+



Aadii Sawant aka Dynamo is the most popular Pubg Mobile Streamer in India that holds the maximum number of subscribers and views on YouTube. He has played many tournaments in Mumbai cafe & won them motivating him to start his own channel. Dynamo usually played Pubg Mobile on emulator during the live streams. But from more than last two months, he has completely shifted to mobile and the fans are loving it. Dynamo also owns a competitive team named ‘Hydra’. The famous streamer is trying to enter into competitive gaming and we can soon see him competing in upcoming Pubg Moblie tournaments.

  • Subscriber Count – 6.56M
  • Video Views – 473,640,000+

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