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Top 5 Legends to Choose in Apex Legends Mobile


Apex Legends offers unique characters or Legends with different abilities. The cast of unique characters in Apex Legends played a variety of roles and each had their own set of skills, so your understanding of the roster and team lineups was just as important as your ability to pop heads. Although Apex Legends Mobile has a lower starting selection of Legends than the full title, the battle royale mode is just as challenging. If you are new to Apex Legends, then here are the top 5 legends you need to know in Apex Legends Mobile with their skills and their abilities: Top 5 Legends in Apex Legends Mobile


Apex Legends Mobile Wattson Guide - Tips and tricks, abilities, and more |  Pocket Gamer

One of the main reasons to choose Wattson is her Ultimate ability, which enables players to restore their damage shield and deflect opposing throwables. She provides the crew with invaluable help. To better understand where the electrified fences should be placed, however, new players will need to play a few more rounds.
Tactical Ability: Perimeter Security
Passive Ability: Spark of Genius
Ultimate Ability: Interception Pylon


Apex Legends Caustic: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips, And Lore | GGRecon

Caustic’s correct utilisation is the catch, though. So, in the hands of an expert Apex Legends player, this Legend is more helpful. Despite being covered in a thick coating of gas, Caustic can see clearly and, if provoked by adversaries, can detonate poison bombs. Given how fresh Apex Legends Mobile is, rookie players could feel a little intimidated when using his ability.
Tactical Ability: Nox Gas Trap
Passive Ability: Nox Vision
Ultimate Ability: Nox Gas Grenade


Apex Legends' Octane: character abilities, battle pass skins, and more -  Polygon

Octane is the overpowered legend to play in Apex legends if you want to annoy your opponents. He is the only Legend who, depending on the situation, can lose and gain health. If used appropriately, launch pads that he and his teammates can employ are beneficial.
Tactical Ability: Stim
Passive Ability: Swift Mend
Ultimate Ability: LaunchPad


Apex Legends: Lifeline's Accent Confusion Is a Representation Issue | The  Mary Sue

In competitive battle royale matches, health is key. When it comes to healing in Apex Legends Mobile, Lifeline is the greatest. She can heal her allies without having to be physically present by using her tactical talent. She can battle the foes when the Drone of Compassion is deployed while her teammates are revived.
Tactical Ability: D.O.C Heal Drone
Passive Ability: Combat Medic
Ultimate Ability: Care Package


Apex Mobile Bloodhound Skill, A Reliable Tracker You Need To Master

One of the few characters in Apex Legends who has remained balanced for most of the seasons is Bloodhound. Now that the game is available for mobile devices, players can at last take advantage of Bloodhound’s tracking skills. The scan’s ability to break through walls to locate opponents is one of its strongest features.
Tactical Ability: Eye of the Allfather
Passive Ability: Tracker
Ultimate Ability: Beast of the Hunt

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