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Top 5 Free Fire cheapest emotes to use below 500 diamonds only

Free Fire: Top 5 cheapest emotes to use in Free Fire below 500 diamonds only

Free Fire: Top 5 cheapest emotes to use in Free Fire below 500 diamonds only. Free Fire might be a shooter game but when you kill down your enemies, you definitely need some cool and stylish emote to celebrate. There is an end number of emotes available in the game. Emotes are a fun part of the game which can be performed as an enjoyment gesture. There are both Free and Paid emotes which can be obtained from shops, events, bundles, etc. In this article, we will discuss the best paid emotes you can own under 500 diamonds only. Free Fire Cheapest emotes

List of Free Fire emotes below 500 diamonds

1) THE MOON FLIP: Moon flip is a special acrobatic emote which looks really cool when performed by the character. The character performs a full backflip in a complete circular motion. This emotes costs around 399 diamonds which is worth its price.

2) THE PROVOKE: As its name suggests, the provoke emote provokes your enemies since your character teases the opponent and boasts a good performance or skill. The emote if put to words would say, “Bring it on the lad, Let’s see what you’ve got”. The Provoke emote also costs 399 diamonds which is fairly priced.

3) THE PIRATE’S FLAG: In this emote, your character will slam a huge pirate flag onto the ground with robust. Looks very stylish and cool, hence it is considered a rare emote. The rarity makes it a bit expensive too, it costs around 500 in-game diamonds respectively. Free Fire Cheapest emotes

4) THE FLOWERS OF LOVE: Flowers of love was initially Valentine’s day event launch, but eventually it became a regular emote. This emote is quite popular among players. In this emote, your character sits down with one knee to the ground and shows a rose flower as a proposal gesture spreading love in the game.

5) TEA TIME: In this special emote, your character sits down on a chair and enjoys a warm cup of tea all by himself. This cool emote can be obtained with a few diamond spins which wouldn’t cost you more than 500 diamonds.

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