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Top 5 Esport Events of 2022: Ranked based on Peak Viewers

Top 5 Esports Event of 2022: Ranked based on Peak Viewers
Top 5 Esports Event of 2022: Ranked based on Peak Viewers

Top 5 Esport Events of 2022: Ranked based on Peak Viewers: From a viewership standpoint, 2022 has seen new records broken and titles surge to the next level of popularity. Whether it is traditional games steadily developing fanbases or mobile esports continuing their growth, the year has seen many esports tournaments. here are the top 5 most viewed tournaments of the year 2022 with their highest peak viewership.

1. Worlds 2022

DRX wins Worlds 2022 after hard fought series using Bard | ONE Esports

The 2022 League of Legends World Championship set a new record with 5.1 million concurrent viewers across all platforms, according to Esports Charts. The Free Fire World Series in 2021 holds the record with 5.4 million peak viewers, making this event the second-highest in esports history in terms of concurrent viewers. based on all viewership data, by far the most-watched esports event of 2022. Nearly 142 million hours of viewing time were devoted to the main League of Legends tournament. Despite having 19% fewer viewers than the previous event, the Worlds 2022 Grand Final between T1 and DRX, which was the first Worlds 2022 event to be broadcast by community casters and was won by DRX, had more than 5.1 million Peak Viewers.

2. MPL Indonesia — Season 9

MPL Indonesia is the most popular Mobile Legends: Bang Bang regional league, and each time it attracts more and more viewers. This time, MPL ID Season 9 broke previous records for both Peak Viewers and Hours Viewed, making it the second-most-watched tournament of 2022. Over 187 hours of league games were broadcast from the middle of February to the end of April. Over 82.7 million hours were seen during that time, and 442.2K average viewers tuned in. The game in the eighth week of the regular season, which drew more than 2.8 million Peak Viewers, is the most watched.

 3. MPL Indonesia — Season 10

The results of MPL Indonesia Season 10 were fairly expected; the final match featured two of the top teams in the area. For winning the anniversary season, ONIC Esports received $140K, and RRQ Hoshi received $67.2K. MPL Indonesia Season 10 matches totalled more than 80.8 million Hours Watched. The programme had a peak audience of 2.3 million viewers and an average audience of 440.1K viewers. On October 23, when ONIC and RRQ Hoshi faced off in the Grand Final, the Peak Viewers’ result was recorded.

4. LCK Spring 2022

With 74.2 million hours watched, a new record for the Korean league, LCK Spring 2022 is in the fourth position. After defeating Gen.G 3-1 in the championship match, T1 won the LCK Spring 2022 title and earned a spot at MSI 2022. The Spring Split outperformed every CS: GO competition in comparison to the previous year, moving up one spot in the rankings. The peak point of the match between T1 and Gen.G drew 1,374,155 viewers, breaking the previous record set by T1 and DWG KIA in the 2021 LCK Summer Split final, which peaked at 1,315,849 viewers.

5. IEM Rio Major 2022

On November 13, the second CS: GO Major of the season ended in Brazil. The Russian-Kazakh team Outsiders defeated the Danes team Heroic with a score of 2:0 in the IEM Rio Major 2022 championship match. It’s interesting to note that the final was just the second-most-watched match of the competition, placing IEM Rio Major 2022 in fifth place overall with 69.5 million hours watched. Up to 1.17 million viewers watched the game at once during the last few seconds of the game. Up to 344K and 573K individuals, respectively, watched the game simultaneously on the Russian- and English-language streams, setting a new record for the major languages. The semifinal between Heroic and FURIA Esports produced the largest number (538K) of viewers on English-language broadcasts. Top 5 Esport Events of 2022

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