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Top 5 Bizarre reasons by Twitch for banning various streamer

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Twitch is frequently criticized for being inconsistent in its decisions, so when a prominent streamer gets banned, there is a lot of backlashes. The bans listed below are not exactly what you’d expect from Twitch, ranging from Keyboard smashing to number leak, “sexual content” made by people dressed in cosplay or gym gear, and even banning by mistake.

Quqco Cosplayer Banned for Sexual ContentTwitch

If you like fighting games, you’ve probably heard of Chun-Li, the leading girl of Street Fighter since 1991. Many internet personalities have dressed up as this character, who is seen as a symbol of female strength in gaming – but one streamer was banned for doing so.

In 2019, she was banned for three days for “sexual content or nudity” while dressed like her and wearing a provocative costume. The Japanese American claimed to have been the victim of a “flood” of Reddit complaints at the time.

Fareeha banned for wearing gym clothes

Fareeha, a Canadian streamer, and singer is known for her Overwatch gameplay was banned for wearing gym clothes during a Twitch broadcast, citing “sexual content or nudity” as justification. The platform informed her that wearing “lingerie or underwear” was against Twitch’s Partner Conduct, which resulted in her suspension.

“GeorgeNotFound” is banned because of the name

George Davidson, a streamer, was banned in March for “username harassment.” The username GeorgeNotFound is obviously a play on the phrase “Page Not Found,” which is a common error message on the internet. His secondary account, “ThisIsNotGeorgeNotFound,” has been suspended for “inappropriate use that violates community standards on a serious or recurring basis,” which is odd, to say the least.

It’s also bizarre that George received a message as if his account had been banned a second time, a day later, and was unbanned the same day. We can say, It was an intense 24 hours on Twitch by GeorgeNotFound.

Neymar shows Richarlison’s number liveTwitch

Following his immediate success on Twitch broadcasts playing Among Us and CS:GO, Brazilian national team player, Neymar was also subjected to an unusual restriction. When he was banned in November 2020, it was unclear what had prompted the ban, and Twitch notified him through email that his account had been suspended for a week for live-streaming Richarlison’s phone number.

Dellor Account Suspended due to a keyboard smash

After being banned from Twitch for breaking a keyboard over his head, former Overwatch pro ‘Dellor’ sparked outrage on Twitter. After his partnership with the site was terminated earlier this year, the act was meant to be a celebration of finally receiving memberships on the site but ended up getting his Id ban.

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