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Top 5 Best Weapon Skins in Garena Free Fire- Check the list

Top 5 Best Weapon Skins in Garena Free Fire- Check the list

Top 5 Best Weapon Skins in Garena Free Fire- Check the list. Since the launch of Garena Free Fire back in 2017, the game has made its name in the list of top best games worldwide. Especially in India, there is a special love for this game. The fanbase has reached its peak. The game has already made its name in the history of mobile games. The title has already recorded 1billion downloads and the number of players joining the game is increasing day by day.

Free Fire has a lot of special features which make the game very unique. The game has a lot of characters and everyone has their special powers. Moreover, there are many car skins, gloo walls Skins,  gun skins and exciting emotes. Every single gun skin is very useful for the players. Some gun skins increase their range, fire rate while some are for their accuracy, reloading speed, magazines. We can get these items from in-game stores or from special events that come in the game. Here in this article, we are gonna take a look at the 5 best gun skins in Free Fire.

Which are the best Weapon skins in Garena free fire?

Flaming Dragon AK

top 5 guns in free fire Flaming Dragon AK

Dragon AK is one of the famous and powerful ARs in Free Fire. It is also one of the rarest and desired gun skins in the game. The skin comes in the list of Legendary gun skins. The ability of the skin increases the damage rate of the gun as well as doubles the fire rate of the gun. The players who will use it will get increased stability.

Pumpkin Flames AK

Pumpkin Flames AK

The ability of the gun skin is that it has a special kill feed message with an increased fire rate and with doubled accuracy. Players can also flaunt this gun animation in the game lobby. They can buy the gun skin at the in-game store for 40 diamonds.

garena free fire gun skins Blue Flame Draco AK


The Blue flame Draco AK skin is the most desired, trending, and one of the most epic gun skins ever seen in Free Fire. It is an Evo-Weapon skin, which players have to level up with diamonds. The gun has special animations like when hitting enemies it provides a unique kind of kill effect. The effect enhances with the up-gradation of the gun’s level. It has a double rate of fire with single damage. This skin was available in Free Fire’s Faded Wheel segments and it is very rare to get.

M1014 Apocalyptic Green

garena free fire gun skins

M1014 Apocalyptic Green is one of the rarest and highly desired gun skin ever in Free Fire. Players will have a special advantage while using this because it increases the fire rate and the range at the same time. The reloading speed of the gun is slow which is quite disturbing. Players can use this skin for long-range fights instead of using the M1887 shotgun.

Blood Moon Scar

Blood Moon Scar

This skin comes first in the list of lethal gun skins in Free Fire. While using this skin, players will be provided with double damage with increased range facilities. The gun skin has less accuracy, which may not help the players in long-range fights. We can get this at the in-game store for 40 diamonds.

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