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Top 5 best agents in Valorant to play in competitive gaming and rank push

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Top 5 best agents in Valorant to play in competitive and casual gaming. VALORANT has grown tremendously in its first year, and the most astonishing component of that expansion thus far has been its young esports scene. The various Agents that appear in the game are an important aspect of it. Agents are the player-controlled characters in Valorant, each with their own set of talents and characteristics.

We’ve put together a Valorant list for the finest Agents in the game, which should help you figure out which ones you should master first. However, it is worth mentioning that it is all about individual gameplay which makes any agents useful and lethal.

1. Jett


This South Korean agent brings a new element to the battleground. Her ability to move fast and take fights will make her an invaluable member of any team. Jett represents players that are willing to take great risks but are confident in their ability to hit their shots. She’s quick, agile, and can get out of almost any circumstance. Jett players who are skilled with her blade-throwing ult can quickly explore the arena and can employ the Operator or Judge are the best. Many big names like Tenz and Shahzam often use Jett.

2. Cypher


This Moroccan agent is a one-man spying network with the ability to control the maps through his different powers. SPY CAM allows him to set up a camera that allows him to see players in its area of vision and shoot a tracking dart that reveals their locations and provides crucial information to his allies. Cypher is one of the most popular Agents in the game since he has the ability to hold sites by himself. By scanning a nearby dead body, his ultimate may theoretically locate every player on the map.

3. Sage


Sage, a Chinese healing agent is one of the most valuable in the list, owing to her abilities to heal teammates, construct an ice wall that can block attackers, forcing them to rethink their strategy, and her ultimate power to revive a teammate. All of this adds up to a formidable agent in any team competition, whether casual or competitive. Her ultimate also allows her to resurrect any member of her team who has died, effectively turning the game into a 6v5 match. She excels in both attack and defense and can play any position.

4. Breach


If you wish to be an unstoppable supporting force, Breach is an excellent choice for your first unlocking Valorant agent. His abilities pass through walls, therefore when teamed with a cunning information hero, he can halt and stun adversaries, allowing the aggressive Duelist players to march in, gain momentum, and steamroll the enemy team.

This is a fantastic feature that elevates Breach to the top of the game’s Agent rankings. His ability ‘Aftershock’ is useful for closing chokepoints and locating enemies hidden in corners, as well as shutting off chokepoints to prevent complete rush by enemies.

5. Reyna


Reyna is a game for those who enjoy taking risks. She’s a master of close combat with a massive arsenal of skills. She’s one of the greatest agents to start with because she doesn’t have any complicated abilities and can be simply handled while dealing respectable damage.

Reyna’s flashes are extremely effective at peaking and pushing, and her ability to chain frags together makes her the ideal agent for clutching out rounds. Her ultimate also makes her a formidable opponent in 1v1 confrontations, therefore she’s a dangerous proposition in the hands of a skilled fragger.

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