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Top 3 Garena Free Fire Characters better for Ranked Matches

Top 3 Garena Free Fire Characters better for Ranked Matches

Top 3 Garena Free Fire Characters better for Ranked Matches. As we know Free Fire’s gameplay is mainly based on two modes which is the BR Rank Mode and the other one is Clash Squad.  The two modes are quite different from each other. In clash squad mode, there will be an aggressive fight between the two teams, Warbringers, and Howlers. Players will have to win seven rounds to get Booyah!. In ranked mode, as it is a battle royale mode, the players have to use their survival skills in competitive fights to get Booyah!. Players can select any character out of 37 characters for better performances in ranked mode.  In this article, we are going to take a look at the best 3 characters for ranked matches in Free Fire.

Which are the best 3 characters to use in Free Fire?



One of the most desired and honorable characters in Free Fire. The ability of the character is that players can create a 5m aura that restores 5HP/s for 5 seconds and also increases the character movement speed by 10% at the base level.  At the max level, HP restores for 10 seconds and movement speed enhances to 15%. Players should use this because it will help in lengthy fights of BR mode. Players can heal themselves and their allies when damaged.



Skyler is the most destructive character ever seen both in CS and BR mode. The character has an ability named Riptide Rhythm, which can destroy 5 glow walls at a time with the release of a sonic wave at the base level. The ability also helps in restoring HP after the deployment of every gloo wall.



This character also helps in both aggressive and passive fights. The character has an ability named Time-Turner. The ability creates a shield that prevents 600 damage from enemies and comes with an increase of 15% of movement speed at the base level. Players can give damage enemies from staying inside the shield. The ability has 50 seconds of cooldown time.

About Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is now the most downloaded game in Google Play Store. The game has reached over 1 billion downloads worldwide. Since the release of the game back in 2017, the game was not so popular because the game was not so good at that time. Each up-gradation of Free Fire given by Garena has helped to make its name in the list of hit games, especially in India. A few years back the game started to become popular and now it is one of the most trending battle royals ever seen globally. The unique items of the game and amazing skins of cars, gloo walls, guns have increased the excitement level of the players.

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