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Top 3 Best Weapons in COD Mobile Season 9, CHECK DETAILS

Top 3 Best Weapons in COD Mobile Season 9, CHECK DETAILS

Top 3 Best Weapons in COD Mobile Season 9, CHECK DETAILS – Season 9 of COD Mobile’s Zombies are Back’ is midway with a bunch of enormous items, optimizations, in-game changes, and more. This update has also brought a vibrant battle pass theme with a brand new Multiplayer map and two weapons. Players globally were looking for further changes in the game and the developer has no doubt fulfilled their cravings.

As per the game format, most guns get buffs and nerfs, which brought a significant balance to the lobby. This mainly helps the players to use the meta ones and to grind themselves to their fullest. This time, Type 25, CBR4 has got some buffs where awesome other previously overpowered guns have gotten nerfed. Let’s know in this article the Top 3 meta weapons in the season that players can try to enhance their playability.

Top 3 Best Weapons in COD Mobile Season 9


KRIG-6 is the brand new Assault Rifle in the game, The gun offers the best-ever possibility to take down the whole squad in one spray. The best part of  Krig 6 is its decent movement speed and fire rate. This combo has made the gun worth playable. Overall the gun is an all-rounder. Apart from that its iron sight is not up to the mark but if the user manages to get its mythic blueprint then the chances of winning any fight will surely touch the sky. The gun is quite similar to Kilo-151 and M14 but way better.


The players who are die-hard ones of the one and only Holger must ready up and fulfill their cravings because this season has brought a very huge buff on it.  The gun was literally everyone’s favorite but due to its rapid nerf the gun was a bit out of the sight. Especially its range and fire rate have been overpowered and are now the best LMG. The gun is now too competitive to RPD. So, go and take a look for a while if you really want to enhance your playability.


The only which has been mostly used by the players in the three seasons simultaneously.The only superfast gun in the game till now. It was added to the game in season 2022. The gun literally becomes toxic at some point because of its continuous overpowering damage. The gun has all the qualities which make it compatible with MP matches. It has a high fire rate, with aggressive damage, and also has a decent movement speed. Follow the above loadout to change your gun power.

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