Top 10 Twitch streamers on basis of their Earnings

Top 10 Twitch streamers on basis of their Earnings

Top 10 Twitch streamers on basis of their Earnings. According to leaked data obtained in a massive hack, the top earner on Twitch made $9.6 million in the period between August 2019 and October 2021. A total of $35 million was earned by the top five earners between them, according to the data. 

Aimed at gamers and gaming audiences, Twitch is an interactive live streaming platform that allows users to pay for the privilege of watching streamers play games. At this moment, Twitch has millions of viewers watching millions of streamers.

Streaming earnings have, however, remained a closely held secret. On Wednesday, more than 100GB of compressed text files appeared online, including salaries of thousands of streamers, site source code, and specifications for yet-to-be-released products. It is unclear whether the earnings figures from the company are accurate, although the company confirmed a data breach has occurred. Several streamers have, however, publicly confirmed that the leaked earnings figures are accurate. 

Top 10 Twitch streamers on basis of their Earnings: A Melbourne-based streamer named CrispyTV, whose earnings figure was included in the data breach, told the ABC his earnings are close to the figure listed. Despite the number, he said, “I’m lower than that. It’s not exact, but it’s close.”. Scott Hellyer, a popular Canadian streamer and YouTuber with the username “TehMorag”, said the leaked data included the exact amount he earned, even down to the cent. According to him, people will be harassed by sites as this confirms what some sites have been trying to find using bots scanning channels.

Top 10 Twitch streamers on basis of their Earnings are:

Payout of Twitch Streamers for September 2021

  1. xQcOW –  $752,467
  2. summit1g –  $362,987
  3. loltyler1 –  $213,372
  4. hasanabi –  $210,946
  5. ibai –  $164,827
  6. Asmongold – $141,000
  7. Mizkif – $120,177
  8. Moistcr1tikal  –  $117,959
  9. Ludwig  –  $114,257
  10. Sykkuno –  $113,896

Total payout from August 2019 until October 2021

  1. CriticalRole  –   $9,626,712.16
  2. xQcOW  –  $8,454,427.17
  3. summit1g –  $5,847,541.17
  4. Tfue –  $5,295,582.44
  5. NICKMERCS –  $5,096,642.12
  6. ludwig –  $3,290,777.55
  7. TimTheTatman – $3,290,133.32
  8. Altoar – $3,053,839.94
  9. auronplay –  $3.053,341.54
  10. LIRIK  –  $2,984,653.70

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